Priest Confirms Exorcism Recorded Through Keyhole is Real

Have you ever wanted to see what a real exorcism looks like? Can you squint for two minutes? Now you can do both as a Catholic priest in the Czech Republic has confirmed that an Internet video of an exorcism shot through a keyhole is the real deal.

The exorcism took place some time in February 2014 at the Roman Catholic Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in Vranov nad Dyji, a small town in the southern part of the Czech Republic just north of the Austrian border. Local resident Daniel Trochta says he heard the screams of a woman coming from inside the church. The door into the church had an old-fashioned keyhole big enough for Trochta to see through and, more importantly, large enough for his cellphone camera to capture the activities inside along with the sounds of woman crying and swearing and the priest reciting the exorcism rituals in Latin to cast out the demon.

After Trochta posted the video, some parishioners and town residents questioned its authenticity and complained about the noise and possible danger. Local priest Father Marek Dunda finally confirmed that the video was real and implied that he was the exorcist or at least present during the ceremony.

"We were asking God to protect and to liberate the person. We used a Latin prayer asking for a help. Of course it helps."

He refused to identify the woman and gave no details on her current condition. While the complaints continue, the town mayor says he’s talked to the priest and nothing illegal occurred in the church.

The inside of the Church of The Assumption of the Virgin Mary in Vranov nad Dyji without exorcists, possessed persons or demons.
Was Trochta in any danger from watching and recording the exorcism? Probably not. It’s believed the demon focuses its attention on the possessed and the exorcist. Most exorcists have assistants, generally family members or medical personnel, who the demon may torment by revealing secrets about them through the voice of the possessed. That didn’t seem to happen in the video nor to Trochta, which would have been pretty impressive.
There’s no danger in watching the video either. I know, it’s a little late to be telling you that.

by Paul Seaburn
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