The Story of The Garden of Eden: True or False?

“Humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes. 22 of these are equally matched. The exception, pair number 23, the sex chromosomes, are matched in the female (XX) and mismatched in the male (XY). We say mismatched because the Y-chromosome is shorter than its matching X-chromosome. The Y-chromosome has been called the male chromosome and the X-chromosome has been called the female chromosome. These names are not completely accurate descriptions but they have found their way into common usage. Because the Y-chromosome is shorter than the X-chromosome and is found only in males, some genes present on the mismatched X-chromosome are present without any matching alleles. Thus, genetic defects on the Y-chromosome affect only males.” ~ Temple of Theola 

The point of this article is not to attempt to shock or rile anybody in an ugly battle of the sexes type manner, nor is it to state any kind of viewpoint or assertion that this is ‘The Truth’ and that we have been lied to for millennia. 

The point of this article is simply to present two stories that humans have created surrounding the origin of the sexes and why ‘God’s design’ has been fashioned as such. Above all, the point of this article is to confront our perceptions on the subject. 

The Garden of Eden 

“The LORD God planted a garden toward the east, in Eden; and there He placed the man whom He had formed” ~ Genesis 2:8

The story of the Garden of Eden goes as follows. God, having made his paradise (which interestingly in Christianity is an earthly paradise, suggested locations including the Persian gulf, whereas in Islam Eden is heavenly and not earth-bound. Adam and Eve’s expulsion from Eden had them descend to earth on two separate mountains and were soon forgiven by God staying on earth as ‘His’ representatives). Having created paradise, God fashioned Adam from dust and breathed life into his nostrils. 

Adam, growing lonely, asked for a companion and God, having suggested various animals that proved to be tiresome (including the sheep!) waited until he was asleep to make Eve from his rib or side. God tells both of them that they can eat the fruit from any number of trees in the garden save one; the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, of whose fruit is forbidden. And so begins the Fall of Man. 

The serpent, bored and cynical strikes up a dialogue with Eve and ultimately convinces her to taste the fruit from the forbidden tree, then she in turn convinces Adam. God questions them, finds out what they have done and punishes them; first the serpent (often interpreted as being the second woman, or Lilith – the sexual temptress and demon) to crawl on its belly, then Eve and all womankind the pain of childbirth and to serve her husband, and lastly Adam, (for listening to his wife) to be bound by the earth’s fruits forever and have to work the land everyday and eat from it to stay alive. 

They become ashamed of their nakedness, are banished from the garden and generally have a hard time after that. 

Despite the parable and metaphorical element of the story (not to mention the interesting title of the tree ‘of knowledge of good and evil’ – perhaps indicating that heaven on earth was originally a state of awakening and their punishment was to ‘de-evolve’… to begin to perceive in dualist terms), churches across the religions and various interpretations had one thing in common: woman, not only secondary, was also responsible for the fall of man.

The first sinners, the devil’s gateway… and with that, woman was damned. 

Many alternative histories have presented themselves, especially since the world’s interest in ancient civilizations that dash the Creationist theory have begun speeding up. The mainstream bestseller of The Davinci Code draws upon Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince’s assertions in The Templar Revelation that Jesus was in fact initiated into an Isis worshipping mystery religion by Mary Magdalene through a ritualized sacred sexual relationship, and this following ‘story’ strengthens it. 

We won’t go into Darwin’s theories on women here, apart from to say that although we may all think of him as ‘the epitome of the Victorian conservative’, that new research has revealed that many of his later unpublished works and increased female scientific network had begun to take a turn for the better on the opinion of ‘woman’s’ intellect and their importance in evolution. 

Parthenogenesis and the High Priestesses

"Satan – also another name for the Goddess, (is) represented as Sirius the Dog Star, that (also) represents Isis.” 

Before the Church, the ancient tribes were led by women. As a part of the ‘Pagan’ religions – Pagan being an umbrella term for all nature worshipping religions – women were the first Shamans, as High Priestesses using magic mushrooms and other hallucinogenic drugs to be at one with the Divine and experience enlightening visions and ego-less states. 

As ovulating beings possessing a prostate and being capable of ejaculation, these Shamanic women would perform full moon ceremonies in order to create clones of themselves through parthenogenesis and continue on the ‘Redhead’ pure-blood genetic line of those who possessed the knowledge of the Goddess.

As we all start out in the womb female before the male chromosome ‘mutates’ to become mismatched and shorter than the matching female chromosomes of XX, it was believed that the only way to reinstate the male with a complete DNA strand would be to ritually impart the divine knowledge through tantra. 

This would open up the chakras of both individuals and initiate the male, imparting to him the ancient wisdom and starting him off on the path to enlightenment. Note: In the Catholic Church women are thought to have no chakras and therefore are unable to become ‘Divine’ or female Priests. 

Having created too many men, the men began to feel jealous that they relied on the women to impart this spiritual wisdom to them, rebelled and raped the Priestesses, stole their teachings and created their own religion and creation myths, killing anyone who disagreed. Many ‘witches’; women who had kept these ancient teachings alive, passing them down from daughter to daughter, were burned at the stake or mentally discounted, as has anyone who has questioned the way things are ever since. During the inquisition, midwives in particular were targeted, their job being to go against ‘God’s’ wish that women suffer during childbirth by aiding the birth process and many were tortured and eventually killed.

From the time the Patriarchal Churches rose, the Goddess has been demonized and woman to this day is seen as having less credibility, lower intelligence and a flawed Divinity. 

Symbols such as the pentagram – the shape drawn by the planet Venus in the skies every eight years (segments drawn with the Divine Proportion and sacred geometry) – was demonized and associated with ‘evil’, derived from the astrological age of Gemini when the ‘dualistic’, twin thinking began and the Bible and other religious texts were written… see the story of Cain and Abel. 

It was the Sumer,, Mesopotamia era when the rebellion happened, and the Goddess and everything to do with the Divine Feminine was forever associated with the ‘negative’; the ‘left’ side, worshipping nature and star-gazing, sacred geometry and of course, woman herself. 

In terms of astro-theology, apparently a teaching of the Goddess, every age since has brought about a different era; Taurus and Hinduism, Aries the ram and Judaism, then Pisces and Christianity… and finally Aquarius, the age where the tables seem to be turning. This is by no means meant to mean that women will ‘rule’, but that men will no longer need to feel threatened and oppress the Divine Feminine, instead balancing the yin and yang like the water carrier pouring water into the well and drawing it out again. 

“A true scientist, by their very nature, should be open minded.” – Lynn Picknett, co author of The Templar Revelation

By Lauren Simpson-Green
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