Overnight Beauty Products that Makes You Wake Up Looking Great in the

Want to wake up to a real gorgeous you in the morning? Non­puffy eyes, bouncy hair and with a glow like no other? It’s not a dream, girl—follow the simple tips and tricks below and wake up to a more beautiful you tomorrow and the next days to come.

1. Achieve to have an ample amount of sleep.

Sleeping beauty may have been onto something. These pretty Disney princesses don’t normally reveal their beauty secrets, but here’s the catch: Sleeping Beauty probably attributed her youthful glow to, oh well, plenty of sleep. Fact is, fully­rested people generally appear as more energized, they look more attractive and healthier than their counterparts who don’t get enough snooze time. So go take a hint from this Disney princess —don’t skimp on your wink time and be on your way to a better and more beautiful version of you the morning after.

2. Attempt to have softer skin.

Your frequent exposure to dry air from air conditioning or indoor heat can suck up the moisture from your skin, leaving it ultra dry and papery in the morning. The overnight solution: Apply a few drops of facial oil before hitting the sack. It locks moisture in and prevents it from escaping all throughout the night so you can wake up with a refreshed dewy skin in the morning.

3. Have smoother skin.

When you smooch your face into your pillow while you’re asleep, it might lead to skin creasing. As mentioned by dermatologist Jeanine B. Downie, MD from Montclair, NJ., “on the average, people lose collagen (about a teaspoonful)—the component which makes the skin look and feel plump—each year from the time an individual hits 30’. That said, those morning sleep lines that you see when you wake up around the eyes, cheeks, and nose are likely to get permanent as time goes by. The overnight solution: Try sleeping face­up to avoid ramming your face in your pillow too much. Also, you can improve your skin elasticity by putting on an overnight cream that contains water plus hyaluronic acid and plumping peptides on the areas where you tend to get skin creases.

4. Clear those eye­puffs.

Why do you have swollen eyes? It’s because you are lying flat and gravity is working its magic against you—and the fluid in your orbs are not being drained properly. And the situation tends to intensify especially after you’ve indulged on a salty meal for dinner. The overnight solution: Swap your regular eye cream for a lighter gel. Regular eye creams may contain heavier oil formulas that can seep into the eyes and make it look more puffy. If your puffy eyes is a result of an allergy, you may try an OTC oral decongestant before bedtime so you’ll find relief in the morning.

5. Beat those nasty skin break­outs

It’s a fact that when you are stressed­out, your body produces more cortisol, which leads to an increase in oil production (and quite possibly, pimples too!) And when you are sleep deprived, you are even more prone to developing zits. The overnight solution: Put on a light serum containing salicylic acid to your face after washing it. It helps oil away from your pores and makes your skin’s exfoliation process faster.

6. Keep your lips plump and hydrated.

Your lips do not have oil glands, therefore it is very susceptible to drying both from heat and too much air conditioning. And if you happen to breathe through your mouth, it makes it even more parched.

The overnight solution: Try using a lip treatment that contains ceramides—the kind of lipids that are found in the skin. To do this, use a wet toothbrush through your lips before applying your lip treatment. This will eliminate the flakes on your lips making it easier for the balm to penetrate and soften the lips.

7. Get fresher and softer locks.

A lot of people sweat even while sleeping, and like it or not, there are thousands of sweat glands on the scalp—the very reason why people wake up with oily mane in the morning even if it’s been washed before going to bed. The overnight solution: To wake up with non­greasy hair in the morning, place some dry shampoo into your scalp before you hit the sack.

Source: wellnessbin.com
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