She drink water with honey and lemon every morning for one year. And the result will delight you

The history of her incredible transformation is telling Crystal Davis. Her story reveals how unusual methods can give great results.

Unusual story with great results

A year ago I’m hardly suffering from the flu. Drugs from the pharmacy were not particularly effective. One woman recommended to me to drink hot water with honey and lemon each morning. Of course, I reacted with skepticism, but still I abey her. Grip has passed, but this drink I really liked, so I started to drink it every day. And I do this for a year. Here’s what changed for me:

Almost a one year and I never once caught a cold. I even do not have more pain in the stomach.

All my life, I fell ill and no virus did not disappoint me. True, I never believed in the power of folk medicine. I was a slave to the drug store. From when I drink this potion, for the entire year I was not even once sneezed. My headaches the past. Now I carry honey and lemon wherever I go. I drink this potion even in hotels.

I do not drink morning coffee anymore, but very easy I wake up

My lemon-honey cocktail took me from dependence on coffee. Earlier, to be completely awake, it took almost an hour. Now I have much more energy during the day. Great night’s sleep, and I’m smiling in the morning. I’m not nervous anymore and I forgot when the last time I felt the tension in the first in the first part of the day.

People in my environment become healthier. That is the largest prize

I convinced the whole family to follow my example. So, in the last year, the flu and other winter troubles, I have not received neither any of my family.

I do not know how it works this magic potion, but it works! I’m very grateful to this woman for the advice.

My recipe

For one glass squeeze half a lemon, add the teaspoon of honey. All topping with warm boiled water. I drink every morning after waking up. I should say that the taste of the cocktail can be changed: it all depends on honey and lemon, which you consume. It is sometimes sour, sometimes is a sweet.

How this drink works?

Protects against urinary tract infections

Lemon and honey stimulates the digestive tract, and also hydrate the colon. The drink is diuretic, and the result is an excellent remedy against cystitis.

Improves digestion

Every part of thisdrink helps your digestive tract. Lemon helps bile to produce more bile. Thus, foods are processed better, and you get from them more nutrients. Honey has powerful antibacterial properties, thus excellent protects you from any kind of infection. It also makes the stomach to produce more juice that enable the body more efficiently to eliminate toxins. For this same reason it is easier to control your weight.

Purifies the blood and preserves the skin

Lemon has many benefits for the skin, and helps to purify the blood. The body, if you “feed” him with lemon, produces fast new blood cells. The water stimulates the production of collagen, which is very beneficial for your skin.

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