Use this juice to eliminate asthma!

A big part of Americans are suffering from asthma, and are not aware that there is a healthy and holistic cure. The puffer does its job when attack starts, but did you know that you can prevent an attack, without any chemicals used?

The children are more vulnerable to asthma than matures, but it can affect anyone. You can have strong immune system, and the asthma will still affect you. Once it affects you, it will weaken your immune system. Asthma is a chronic lung disease which blocks your airways, which leads to harder breathing and extra mucus.


The people who are suffering asthma have tough mornings with coughing, followed with panting and chest-tightness. They also have short breathing which goes into complete airway blockage. Their day finishes with a mucusy cough.

The people who are suffering from asthma are not able to do the same things like everybody else, because the attack can come in every time. They can’t run as usual and can’t have a nice time outside while the weather is great in spring and summer because the allergens are triggering attacks and inflame airways.


We all should begin our day with a glass of lemon-water, especially the people who are affected by asthma. The lemon juice includes a high amount of vitamin C which is a powerful antioxidant, and it is very efficient in clearing airways and improving the immune system.

A healthy immune system is vital for the people who are facing asthma due to the fact that with unhealthy immune system they are vulnerable to asthmatic attack, which is not the case with healthy immune system. The stress is also stimulating the asthmatic attacks because when we are stressed, our immune system is stressed too.

Start your day with a lemon-water because the lemon juice contains compounds that are stopping the bacterial growth and infections, while the vitamin C will boost your immune system.
The ginger is also a great ally in the fight against asthma. It has anti-inflammatory and is very useful when the airways are blocked and in the prevention of blocking. Still, if you intend to use any extra vitamins or treatments you should consult with your doctor.



Grate the lemons and add them in the water. If you can tolerate the taste you can add the ginger too, which is highly recommended because of its health properties. Add a little bit maple syrup for a better taste and energy boost.

Now you can have control on the asthma, instead it has control on you.

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