Blue Solar Water Recipe: Powerful Beverage That Treats Emotional Wounds

By drinking the blue solar water you will be able to fill positiveness, peace and love. This water is also tastier than ordinary water.

Blue Solar Water is very easy to prepare, delicious to drink and is a very powerful tool for cleansing.

All you need is a blue glass bottle – the shade does not matter – both the lightest and the darkest are equally effective.

The most important thing is to fill the bottle with filtered, spring or plain tap water. Remember not to use metal cap. You can use a cork, glass or plastic cap instead.

Keep the bottle in the sun between 15 minutes and 60 minutes. The longer you hold the water in the sun, the sweeter it will be.

Drink this water as much as you can, although it is very tasty and drinkable. Our organism somehow recognizes this water. Even people who usually do not drink too much water are drinking several liters of this one without problem.

In case you do not have several blue bottles available, you can only use one, because only one drop of this water mixed with plain, gives the same properties of blue water.

Besides drinking, use the this water for cooking (one drop is sufficient) watering the flowers, give it to your pets, add it to the washing machine and dishwasher, use it for washing your car, floors and glass, put it in a spray bottle and refresh the room, add to bath…

Consumption of this water is not limited. Its sweet taste will make you forget all about ordinary water.

Source: timefornaturalhealthcare
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