Here’s What Happens To Your Body When You Drink Coconut Water Every Day For A Week

Advocates claim that coconut water has near magical effects on our overall health. Sure, we hear about the benefits of coconut oil all the time, but what’s the deal with coconut water?

Coconut water strengthens your immune system.

Simply put, coconut water makes your immune system stronger. It helps clean your body of bacteria that causes urinary tract infections, gum disease, and in some cases has proven effective against gonorrhea. It also helps defeat cold viruses.

We’d like to note that it’s important if you’re not in a monogomous relationship to be tested for STDs routinely and follow your physician’s instructions on treating them if you test positive. Gonorrhea is no joke.

Coconut water boosts your energy.

Coconut water improves your thyroid gland’s hormone production and boosts your energy.

Coconut water fights kidney diseases.

It does so by helping cleanse your urinary tract and bladder. Toxins that cause kidney stones are also broken down over time.

Coconut water is high in fiber.

This is great for losing weight as it helps you feel full longer. It’s also great if you’re irregular. Get ready to go number two a lot!

Coconut water keeps you hydrated.

Drinking any kind of water does the trick. Did you know as many as 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated? This can lead to numerous health problems as well as simply not feeling so great.

What do you think? Is coconut water worth adding to your diet?

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