People You Want To Keep In Your Life!

We all encounter certain people during our lives that guide us along our paths back home to what we like to call “Source energy”. No matter the duration or significance of your relationships with people, they all serve a vital purpose and can help you grow into your highest form of existence.

Even if some of those people appear to hinder your personal growth, they have an underlying purpose of redirecting you to new people or places that will better match up with what you need on your personal spiritual journey. Some people you meet will inevitably stick around for only a short time, but make sure to keep the following types of people around for the long haul:

3 Types Of People to Keep In Your Life

1. The Mentor.

This person could manifest in a variety of forms, such as a family member, teacher at school, life coach, or friend. You look up to this person because they have wisdom about the universe that they invariably pass along to you. They will likely be older than you since they will have more life experience to share with you, but this isn’t always the case. The universe will send you this person in order to encourage, support, and inspire you in your journey.

This particular relationship will embody that of the student and teacher; it will mostly benefit the student (yourself), but the teacher may also learn new things from his or her younger companion. Also, the roles may have been reversed in a past incarnation, where you taught your mentor important lessons about life. You have likely met this person before in some manner in order to feel comfortable sharing details of your life and attaining wisdom and advice from them.

If you haven’t met them yet, keep on working on your own self-development, and the universe will send him or her along when it’s time.
Remember: “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

2. The Soul Mates.

Throughout your life, you will meet people that you feel you have known for lifetimes before. Some call these “soulmates,” others may resonate more with the term “soul family,” while others may call them their Soul Tribe. All of these terms essentially mean the same thing: people you encounter along your journey that you resonate with on a deep soul level. A soulmate doesn’t always show up as the opposite sex; a friend, brother, parent, or really anyone with a similar vibration as yours can manifest as part of your soul family.

Soul tribes are said to come from the same star system, and therefore reincarnate together throughout many lifetimes. You choose these people before you make the journey to Earth as the ones you wish to accomplish an important mission with, or teach you valuable lessons. Upon meeting them, you will likely feel an uncanny sense of comfort and familiarity, and may even have past life memories with them. You literally feel as though you’ve reunited with a long lost soul brother or sister, and just click with them on almost every level.

You mirror many aspects of one another, and share a part of the same soul. You immediately connect with members of your soul tribe, and will likely meet them in unexpected places, so keep your eyes and heart open for connections to form.

3. The opposite.

While opposites can encounter a lot of energetic discordance, this person will show up to inform you of what you need to work on in your path here on Earth. They won’t sugarcoat anything, as that will only distract from the message you need to hear in the moment. Some may call this person your “counterbalance,” or a force that seeks to balance you out so that you may grow into your highest self. They will show strength where you may have weaknesses, and vice-versa.

You may have arguments or disagreements with this person often, but don’t take it too personally; they just want to see you transform into the best version of yourself. For you to accomplish this, they will point out any time in which you act out of alignment with your true nature, and will provide honest insight into how you can improve. Oddly enough, many of these relationships manifest in the form of twin flames, as this relationship perfectly embodies the yin/yang, light and dark, and feminine and masculine energies.

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