3 Species of Aliens and Their Relevance to Human Evolution

Alpha-Draconians The descendents of Noah, said to have withheld advanced technologies from us and function in the elite and sinister heights of society are supposedly a Reptilian race who originated on another planet. Some say this race could have even seeded humans, removing their twelve stranded DNA in order to keep control over us, the Alpha Draconians were originally part of the Orion Group.

The Reptilian race are mentioned in the Sumerian tablets as the Demi Gods called the Anunnaki; a hybrid race of reptile and human who, since spreading from the Caucasus Mountains, have infiltrated the masses, built empires and put humans to work so that they may feed off us Matrix-style. The root of all influential bloodlines; from The Windsors to the Rothschilds, the Alpha-Draconians exploit our reptilian brains, utilizing our desire to consume and hate each other as tools of control.

What is now emerging, as people begin to become more acquainted with main spokesperson against the race, British-born David Icke, is that remarkably some of this alien race has the ability to see the massive damage they have caused the human race and are now making attempts to right the wrong they have done. Some might say this is ‘the second coming’, or the Christ Consciousness, where waves of people are being born bringing the message to reverse our reptilian brains and reach into our own divinity and become transformed onto a higher plane of reality. The majority of the Reptilian race, still full throttle in their blood lust for power and world domination, are totally unstoppable apart from one area. The extraction or realization of the futility of ego and need for wealth and status when a human being awakens. As the world supposedly wakes up and we sense the extremes and near-breaking point between the powers that be and us, the common people, such notions of the Alpha-Draconians seem less far-fetched. Whether you find it easier to believe in the more abstract idea that fear eats away at our beliefs and self empowerment or that an alien race is purposefully oppressing us by feeding us with that fear is entirely up to you. For more on the subject read anything by David Icke.

The Greys The Greys are what most people think about when they hear the word ‘alien’ thanks to the 1947 UFO sightings in Roswell New Mexico as well as many other encounters and sightings that have built up our ideas of aliens up to the present day. Perhaps the weirdest looking of the three, there are two types of Greys; Large Grey and Smaller Cloned big-headed Greys.

The smaller ones are perhaps the reason for the Greys getting stuck with labels such as cold and clinically curious as they are usually the ones sent down from the mother ships to conduct experiments and research on humans. Being precisely that; clones of the larger Greys they are entirely functional and have no desires or agendas of their own, appearing cold and threatening to us emotional humans. It’s thought that the Greys have such a keen interest in us as they are actually a rapidly dying race who needs to breed with humans in order to avoid extinction. The Greys are thought to be a highly evolved and intelligent race who may be on ‘The Council’; those who have a vested interested in the future of earth and strive to protect it at all costs (aside from the one encompassing rule that spans across the universe of not doing anything without permission).

Their interest in earth, aside from their desire to continue their species through human hybrids is because many planets have been similarly destroyed by the dominant species and they wish to put an end to this karmic pattern. Another theory is that they seeded the earth as a garden – the garden of Eden – and it is unique for that reason. Whatever the reason their curiosity extends to us and our strange ways, particularly on how cruel we can be to each other and how our bodies function in this atmosphere. The U.S government are said to have given them permission to conduct experiments on the American people and they have done just that, also gaining permission from each individual’s subconscious or higher self and the permission to remove the memory of the abduction from them afterwards! The Pleiadians The Pleiadians are said to be extremely human-like in appearance and integral to the evolving spiritual revolution taking place on earth as we speak. The home of this alien race is a star system is a small cluster of seven stars located in the Constellation of Taurus, 500 light years from Earth.

They are said to have discovered earth 225,000 B.C and played a huge role in our evolution until 10 A.D when they departed and have been watching over us ever since. Also said to be a part of The Council, they needn’t descend upon earth in spacecrafts, instead moving in and out of our dimension with their highly advanced mental skills. To some degree the Pleiadians represent our goal of the enlightened human and are one of the many races who have already evolved in the way that humans need to now; able to use their advancing technologies with compassionate and peaceful souls and attitudes to one another. Apparently victims of huge galactic wars, the Pleiadians are actually humanoids; some of the original humans who decided to leave the earth but who were later driven out from their home planet in Lyra by the power-hungry Alpha-Centurians. They are said to be lightworkers who fight for the underdog; committed to helping us and move among us freely without suspicion. Although many, many other alien races have been well documented, these three seem to be the main runners in the fight over the future of the human race. Whether you chose to believe in the stories or not, the similarities in accounts and references made in cultural media about these three races seems overwhelmingly coincidental. So, what do you think? Perhaps life on other planets is not in a far and distant corner of the universe like so many of us seem to think, but actually here, in ‘flesh and blood’, walking among us and taking as much of an interest in our future… as we are.

Image source: Reptile ; Grey aliens ; Pledians
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