How to Lose Faith in Religion: A Thinker’s Guide to Breaking Free from Belief in God and Dogma

“Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by rulers as useful.” ~Seneca
Although there are some religious teachings that have a lot of important lessons to teach to the sincere religious seeker, they more often than not harm people instead of helping them grow as conscious human beings, and that’s mainly because the majority of people have blind belief in them and they don’t honestly try to understand and find out what they really have to offer to them.

People both in the Western and Eastern world have been handed down religious ideologies from their traditions which they hold in dear faith without ever questioning if their ideology is based on reason, evidence and experience. Their mind is filled with beliefs through continuous propaganda from society that they cannot easily break free from dogma or even just ponder if their religion is any worth believing in. And even those who do, they do so only for a while, due to the fear that can arise from their unconscious minds and the suppressed emotions that can suddenly erupt which may cause them to feel uncomfortable and experience psychological pain.

This article is a condensed thinker’s guide on how to lose faith in religion that will help you break from from belief in god and dogma and question the any religious ideology that you have brainwashed into, so that you can then start your quest from truth from scratch, without needing the support of borrowed knowledge that is causing only confusion in your mind and prevents you from expressing your authentic self. So here are, then, three main ways to lose faith in religion — follow them and I assure you that you will be transformed into a new person, wiser and more free than ever before.

Doubt your ideology.

The first tip and the most important one on how lose faith in religion is to start doubting your religion, including your belief in its God and dogma — to question everything that has been taught to you until you find out for yourself whether it is true or not. Religious dogma requires blind faith to it, and those ones who gather the courage to question it, find that it is not only silly, but in some cases even intellectually and emotionally perverse. Of course, the process of doubting can lead you to painful psychological places, for you will have to question things which your whole life might have been based on, but you really have to, if you want to break free from it, live spontaneously and relieve yourself from all the burden of religious dogma that does nothing but harm your being.

Do your research.

Once you’ve started the journey of doubting, be sure to do your own research. Think, ponder, and expose yourself to all kinds of knowledge that you can find. Knowledge is what will help you break free from dogmatic religious belief and show you the way toward realization and understanding. So be sure to read as much as you can the religious scriptures and pay attention to what important religious and philosophers have to say on the topic of religion and faith. Do anything that helps you open your eyes and confront the truth.

Be honest.

Once you have find your truth, embody it and honestly express it in all aspects of your life. Unfortunately, although many people don’t deep down fully believe in religion, they still say they do, go to church and suppress themselves in various ways in order to conform to the society that is surrounding them. But I am telling you that if you wish to live a care-free life with no worries and suppression, dare to stop following the herd and trust your inner voice. Don’t be afraid to to speak out your mind, do what is springing out of your consciousness, and always be honest with yourself and others.
“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” ~Jiddu Krishnamurti
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