She Rinsed Her Hair with Coca Cola! Here is What Happened! (VIDEO)

The hair is almost every girl’s trademark and this is the part to which girls pay most attention. In order for the hair to be more beautiful and nourished women are keen on undergoing various treatments.

A lot of women have claimed that besides beer, which is a well known ingredient for strengthening and shaping the hair, Coca Cola has the same effect. To prove this, a girl has tried the effectiveness of Coca Cola on her hair in front of the camera. You may have expected that her hair would have become sticky and in a bad condition, however this was not the case.

She did not achieve the effect of “beach” hair waves, but she has not damaged it either. As she said, she does not see the point of using Coca Cola for the hair, when a lot of different products can give the same and even better results.

Take a look at the video, and then share your opinion and impressions with us.

Video by: ModaMob

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