The Adolescence of Humanity

by Mona Delfino, PreventDisease

Since 2015 arrived, I remember channeling my Pleadian friend, Izora, and wrote a past article on what she had mentioned on December 20th, 2014. She said, "In 2015, humanity will be "kneading the dough." We will be creating a new taste for our future. She mentioned we would be kneading it and getting it ready for the oven by adding our own flavors, spice, and get our fingers in it to create something very tasty. In 2016 we would be putting the dough in the oven. By 2017, we would eat the bread!"

This was really intriguing to me, and also very informative! To me it meant that kneading the dough was recreating our world. Getting our fingers in it was taking action where action was "kneaded." I loved the analogy.

So as I began to "pull it apart", I started realizing that this was incredibly important!! Recently, Princeton University, Stanford, and Berkley came out with articles in their journals of science about this time in history being the 6th Extinction of the Human Race. Bruce Lipton Ph.D and Cellular Biologist, had mentioned it as well and also what we can do about shifting this cycle that occurs every 26.000 years! "It's not the Earth, it's the Human Race" he mentions. Humans, as a collective consciousness, can make or break the energy of where we are going as a full blown society. It's our choices, and of course, where 2 or more are gathered... we can really change if we choose to!!

So here's how my mind and heart have seen it, putting it very simply to be understood, about how we are on an overview in the human race...

Humanity is in the adolescence stages. What does that really mean? Well, recently we have agreed to pass the legalization of Marijuana and gay marriages. We have seen ourselves change the past by "outgrowing" the old traditional ways of our parents. Religions are outdating as Spirituality is growing and Oneness is reigning. Science has become more relevant in its teachings of the human heart, the cosmos, Solar Flares relating to human behavior, etc.

We seem to be opening our minds to recognizing true health care (my big teaching personally)! Old lies and outspoken opinions of government decisions are exploited, and new banking systems and ideas are taking effect! It's like we left the nest of our parents and we are going out on our own to explore a free life, yet we must remember that freedom always comes with a cost... the cost of being responsible for our actions! We still have to pay the rent!! However, we are growing up. On the whole, when we witness changes, even if we don't like them, we need to remember that life is like that! Challenges are really blessings in disguise! They are lessons meant for learning, growing, and becoming more balanced in a maturity that we will eventually be grateful for.

My friend Mahala is a well known global astrologer. She recently posted an article on her website at I highly recommend "tuning in" to it as she is perceptive, clear, and totally right on. I asked her today to send me a quote about the latest Venus/ Jupiter conjunction that we witnessed on June 28th. On July 1st, we had a Full Moon, which was in relation to much change and redirection from the old to the new... totally with our hearts! Here is the quote she so graciously shares with us:

"On the full moon of July 1, 2015 Venus and Jupiter were in an exact-conjunct in the sign of Leo, which rules the heart. This is a combination of the two most benevolent planets in our solar system. Jupiter rules money, and Venus rules love. This opened a doorway to abundance.

I felt the energy of the conjunction on the morning of June 28th. I knew that something had changed and it felt wonderful. Venus will be in Leo until October 8th so make use of this wonderful energy. Watch your thoughts and Think with your Heart. Those who do that can start creating a wonderful reality for themselves." Mahala~

Another wonderful astrologer also from Seattle, is Govinda. He states in his last article that " This is a year of major breakthroughs and expansions in the realm of health and healing, as well as institutions that serve the wellbeing of humanity."

Truly the signs are in the stars, and you know they are on target every time! It's like a book can be read through them on a day to day basis.

So we need to understand as a human race that we certainly are open to choices more now than ever.

Judgements are going by the wayside as they have no place in this big neverland of growth. Will we choose how to be stronger in our convictions and learn that we all have a voice? Will we come from heart centered living and recognize Self Empowerment to mean that we are not victims and we are ready to "take our stand?"

Are we aware we are starting over as we follow our hearts and do what Joseph Campbell, (the late Myth and Legend teacher) had said...Follow your Bliss! This is not as hard as we perceive it to be. For in recognizing the truth of letting go and diving in to our new surroundings, we must see that every day counts.

Breathing deeper, knowing that survival is a thing of the past and taking our power back is front and center. The most important realization for today in my book is that Medicine is Truth, and Truth is Medicine. Allowance for new beginnings takes courage, but that's where we live today! No more sleeping from the pasts big picture, and no beating yourself up from the past. We are not a powerless society. We are full of power, or "Power-full!"

The late Robin Williams would have been 64 a few days ago His words in the movie Dead Poets Society ring true as they remain simply put and put simply...Carpe Diem. Live for the day~ Here's to recognizing starting over !! All my love!! Mona~

About the author
Mona Delfino is a teacher, leader and healer, starting with being born Shaman. She has found her passion in seeing people heal from the depths of their soul, being able to assist them through the process with reading their souls energy from lifetimes that have created blockages in their freedom for todays times. Mona is a National Speaker and a leader in the field of Medical Intuition. She works on individuals through Skype, phone, and hands on sessions. Visit her website
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