5 Signs of an Energy Vampire Who Kills Your Time and Uselessly Sucks Your Energy Dry

Who to Keep Around and Who to Let Go

Lately there have been many talks about importance of keeping your chakras in balance and protecting yourselves from energy vampires. When we were kids we all were taught – the “stranger danger” phrase, but most of us forget about the same principle when we grow up. Moreover, how can we expect energy harm from the people that we know well? Many people who are ignorant about keeping their energy in balance and staying away from energy vampires end up being an “energizer battery” for people who chronically lack their own energy. In many cases an energy vampire is someone in our close circle, a person we know or even a member of our family.

When I was growing up (I am originally from Ukraine, but back then it was still Soviet Union) we all learned that “you should save a comrade next to you even if you have to die yourself”. After coming of age and traveling the world I learned a couple of other phrases that now have become mottos of my life – “save yourself and thousands around you will be saved” and “donors die first”. Don’t get me wrong, I am all about helping other people and sharing, but things have to be kept in balance and harmony. In order for energy to be in balance it has to be exchanged and not just abused on one side.

We all are given certain potential when we are born and it is our responsibility to protect our energy that was given to us to realize that potential. Besides, when you invest your energy correctly (through your own creativity) it allows you to help more people. Sometimes we have to show tough love to those who fell into negative side of things and in many cases that is actually the most effective way to help people that are down.

So how can you tell when you are involved in a fair energy exchange process, or you are just being used as a free energy source by an energy vampire?

At the end of the day it is really not about the scary “energy or psychic vampires” (even though there are techniques to protect you from those as well) it is about finding your own energy interaction balance with people that are around you. Here are some tips on how to tell who to keep around and who to stay away from.

1. Check Who Is Calling

Very often people who abuse your energy are the first to call you and it usually happens during the most inconvenient time for you. Since we all are connected on the energy level, an energy leach will feel that you are no longer thinking about him or her and would like to re-establish connection by talking to you. We spend our energy where our attention is. So at times when you are involved in a certain important task you should be strong to not answer the phone or turn it off even if it is your mom calling. Trust me, nothing major will happen. What will happen is that you will be able to keep your concentration and complete what you are doing with quality and efficiency. If you absolutely have to answer the phone, just ask the caller if it is something of grave importance and clearly state that you are busy at the moment

2. Value Your Time

People who drain your energy always make you wait because they value their time more than yours. Of course there are some people who are just chronically late and if you are one of them, just make sure to compensate the one who was waiting for you with something (cup of coffee, a hug or a smile followed by a kiss could work). People who act like it is your fault that they are late, are usually energy vampires. Time is energy so you have to value how you invest it and make sure other people value your time as well.

3. Always In Trouble And You Are The Only One That Can Help

People who lack their own energy often find themselves in trouble. It is quite obvious actually. When you lack energy you get sick, experience problems on a job and your personal relationships are a nightmare. Important thing to remember is that “something bad happens in life not because you did something wrong, but so you can do something right about it”. If you find someone in trouble it is always good to give advice and help that person on resolving the issue (if your involvement is absolutely necessary). However, everyone has their own lessons and experiences to go through in life so it is not a good idea to do somebody else’s “homework” all the time (eventually the “teacher” will find out and you will be in trouble).

4. Asking For Help

A very important skill that is very hard to learn in life is asking for help. However, this skill can help you test someone’s energy level when you ask for their help. Energy lacking people are not very keen on helping other people. They have no energy to give to someone else, they are used to only taking that energy (even if it happens subconsciously). Sometimes energy vampires will help you, but in return you will have to give back much more than their help was worth. So remember that it is ok to ask for help when you need it, but it is also very important to keep the energy exchange fair.

5. Boring People

People who are down on their energy often bitter, they live a very un-interesting and un-eventful life. In order to realize your potential you should find like-minded people who can help you in reaching your goals. Playing computer games, watching TV and doing nothing will not get you anywhere and eventually could get you in real trouble with your energy (which would lead to problems with health). So keep away from people who are just boring and have no desires to creatively evolve and learn new things.

These are just few basic tips on how to make sure that your energy is not abused and there is a healthy exchange of energy between you and your close circle. If you are very sensitive to energy you might want to consider learning more advanced energy protection techniques that will involve learning about energy-informational world and higher levels of consciousness. If your skin is too thick and you can’t feel anything, there are also ways to teach you how to be more sensitive towards different energies which will definitely help you in reaching your potential more effectively.

Just remember that negative thoughts and ignorant worldview are probably the most destructive weapons of today. Keep learning new things and keep your energy in balance.

To learn more about who are energy vampires, what is the definition of a psychic attack and what energy protection techniques can be used to keep your energy in balance - watch the following video and check the visualization techniques page:

Source: lifescriptdoctor
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