Five Reasons Why Each And Every One Of Us Should Eat An Apple Right Away

Apple is fruit that should be eaten every day. Generally apples are not expensive, and if you live out of town you will easily find and apple tree with beautiful natural apples. The taste is sweet, refreshing and juicy are and their benefit to human health is enormous. They are the source of many beneficial ingredients. Besides that, apples are able to reduce cholesterol and are excellent if you are on a diet. Here are just five reasons why you should immediately eat an apple.

1. Give a feeling of satiety

Apple fruit sugar enters into the body slowly and maintains the level of blood sugar unlike sweets that cause a sharp increase in blood sugar and a temporary feeling of satiety. Apple maintains a sense of satiety, and the number of calories is very small, and at the same time maintains your bodyline.

2. Reduces cholesterol

Apple lowers cholesterol levels, thanks to the pectin and polyphenols found in it. Besides lowering cholesterol, it reduces the deposition of it in blood vessels. Eat unpeeled apples.

3. Stimulates airways function

A survey in the UK confirmed that children whose mothers ate apples during their pregnancy have very little chance of developing asthma, cancer and other airways related diseases, unlike children whose mothers did not eat apples during pregnancy.

4. Apples affect the brain

Some of the ingredients of the apple in combination with the human body create neurotransmitter called acetylcholine whose role is transmitting impulses between nerve stations. Simply said, apple positively influences the improvement of memory and concentration.

5. Fight against cancer

According to research by Italian scientists, people who eat an apple a day have even 42% less chance of developing cancer.

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