Here is Why You Need to Stop Drinking Cow’s Milk Immediately

You must remember several very popular marketing campaigns if you were growing up in 70’s, 80’s or 90’s.Exspecially popular in many states was one with the slogan “it does a body good”. Another similar campaign which used the slogan “Got Milk?” with people wearing mustaches from milk was created by Goodby, Silverstein and Partners. Because of all similar commercials, all our life we believe that milk is one of the most beneficial products. But is this really the truth.

The Evidence against Milk

Several studies from the previous decades were conveyed in universities and laboratories around the world about the health benefits of the milk.

A similar research conveyed in Sweden compared the life span in women who consumed 3 glasses of milk daily with women who drank only one glass or none.

The results were unexpected because they have shown that the mortality rate in women who drank milk was two times higher than in those who didn’t and what is more interesting the milk lovers had poorer bone health and more fractures than the other group.

This was not the case with other dairy products just with the milk, because the death rate in women who consumed fermented milk products, yoghurt and cheese was low and their bones healthy. If you are still doubtful read about eight reasons why you need to avoid drinking milk or drink just one glass daily.

1. The major milk protein is tested on animals and the results have shown that causes cancer.

2. Milk is among the most important Allergy Causing Foods

3. Because of lactose intolerance, many people can’t consume milk

4. Among other problems, milk causes accelerated aging due to D-galactose an ingredient found in milk that causes inflammations.

5. Milk also makes your skin more prone to blackheads and acnes.

6. Many surveys around the world have proven the connection between milk and some quite severe health issues as prostate cancer, ovarian cancer, ear infections and constipation.

7. Nations that are consuming dairy products have more chances to get multiple sclerosis (MS)

8. Some proteins are proven to increase IGF-1 levels which are connected with few various types of cancer. Tested on animals, the milk proteins are shown that in human and in animals cause high cholesterol level and clogged arteries.

It is crucial to remember that unlike milk that causes many health problems, products like yogurt and cheese are seemingly quite beneficial for your overall health.

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