Several UFOs filmed over the sky of Japan

Several UFOs were filmed over the sky of Japan in what many are calling the Alien warning to mankind.

Researchers state that in the last couple of months, UFO sightings have doubled, if not tripled when compared to previous years and months. This video footage is proof of the increasing number of UFO sightings across the world. This time, a flotilla of UFOs appeared during daytime in the skies of Japanese city of Osaka, as a set of luminous spheres with erratic movements, conquered the sky of the Japanese city. Moments after, the spheres mysteriously disappeared.

The video caused a stir in social networks as hundreds of witnesses who saw the spheres over Osaka relied on social networks to post their opinion of what they had seen.

This UFO sightings has sparked a great debate among skeptics and ufologists which believe this is one of the best examples of Alien technology on Earth. Ufologists believe that mankind has not been able to create an aircraft that can perform the movements these objects did and disappear without a trace. we simply do not have technology so advanced, the speed, the movement, the turns are anything but similar to our modern aircraft.

One viewer posted online: "If they are real, it could be a warning."

Other users said: It is an incredible footage which clearly shows objects not from Earth.

Even though many users believe that this video footage is authentic and that it shows orbs of light that are not from Earth, there are many users who do not share those views stating that we could be looking at a Computer Generated image/video.

Here is the video footage of the UFOs over the skies of Osaka. Check it out and let us know what you think these objects might be? A Computer Generated image/Video? Or the real thing?

Source: ewao
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