20 Ways Lemons can Change Your Life

It’s tart. It’s refreshing. It’s tasty and even a little bit sweet. There’s just something about lemons that is so delicious. However, it’s more than just tasty; lemons provide a ton of benefits for your health, your well being and even for your house.

Here’s a look at 20 different ways that lemons can be used that will completely change your life:

  1. It lowers blood pressure. Lemons are high in potassium, which is known for its ability to control blood pressure.
  2. It keeps the fridge fresh. Fill a small bowl with lemon juice and put it into the fridge. The juice will absorb any foul odors, keeping things smelling great and keeping your food fresh.
  3. Keeps cauliflower white. When you cook cauliflower, it has the tendency to turn brown. Squeeze a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice onto it before cooking and it won’t turn brown.
  4. It eases depression and stress. Just suck the juice out of a fresh lemon and you’ll almost instantly feel better when you’re stressed out or anxious.
  5. Keep cutting boards fresh and clean. Just slice a lemon and rub it over the surface of a cutting board. It will help to remove the odors and will sanitize the surface.
  6. Ease respiratory issues. Drink some water with lemon in it and you can reduce phlegm and ease the strain on your chest.
  7. Treat arthritis. Lemon is famous for being a diuretic, which means that it an flush your system of toxins and bacteria, which are often the culprit of the inflammation that is associated with arthritis.
  8. Prevent kidney stones. Lemons break down calcified compounds that build up in the kidneys and create obstructions.
  9. Keep insects at bay. Just squirt a little lemon juice around the frames of doors and windowsills and you’ll keep creepy crawlies and flying pests away.
  10. Keep your skin looking young and fresh by washing it with lemon juice.
  11. Clean your fruits and vegetables. Lemon water will rinse any pesticides and dirt off of your produce.
  12. Ease infections. Lemon has an antibacterial agent, which makes it a good treatment for infections.
  13. Keep avocados green. Avocados oxidize as soon as they are exposed to air. Lemons help to reduce this oxidization, keeping the avocados greener for longer.
  14. Crisp lettuce. When lettuce goes soggy, don’t throw it out; wash it with lemon water and it will get crisp again. 
  15. Have a toothache? Apply some lemon and the pain will subside.
  16. Lighten the skin. Put a little lemon on dark spots and they’ll vanish.
  17. Lighten your hair. Just apply some lemon juice to your hair before going out in the sun and you’ll have nice blonde highlights.
  18. Freshen your breath. Rinse with lemon juice and your breath will smell nice and fresh.
  19. Ease headaches. Just put a few drops of lemon juice into tea and you’ll feel your headache subside.
  20. Soothe itchy rashes. Apply some lemon juice onto an itchy rash, like poison ivy, and the itch will subside.

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