Controlling Weather for Profit: Geoengineering and World Dominance

by John P. Thomas

This is the final part in a two part series about the spraying of toxic particles in the atmosphere. The spraying of nanoparticles of aluminum, barium, strontium, and other substances produces persistent contrails that spread out over the course of a day to form artificial clouds in the skies over America and large parts of the world. The first article described the creation of these clouds by jet aircraft and described the health consequences.

The US government does not formally acknowledge the existence of an active aerial spraying program. Government scientists insist that the persistent contrails that dissipate into abnormal looking clouds in the sky are nothing more than normal jet aircraft contrails, which consist of frozen water vapor. Normal contrails of this type usually dissipate within a few minutes. Persistent contrails last for many hours and continue to expand in size over the course of the day.

Shills and trolls, who are paid to distract and confuse people from seeing the truth, speak through the internet and confirm the existence of the aerial spraying program, but then mislead us by saying that this is a secret program designed to reverse global warming.

Numerous independent scientists have measured the nanoparticles of the metals and polymers that fall from the sky after aerial spraying, and have presented clear evidence that intense worldwide aerial spraying has been used extensively for several decades. Many of these scientists believe that the spraying has nothing to do with global warming, but is part of military and corporate research programs to control weather events and manage the climate over selected parts of the world. Going even deeper, other researchers have found that the aerial spraying of nanoparticles is directly related to the creation of highly charged electromagnetic fields in the upper atmosphere. These activities are more in line with military surveillance and weapons development. [1]

Regardless of why persistent contrails are being sprayed, the health hazards are serious. The aluminum that is in the spray is associated with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Lou Gehrig’s disease, autism, developmental delays, and other neurological conditions. The nanoparticles can pass into the body through the lungs and directly into the brain through the olfactory nerves. The particles easily pass through the skin, and they enter the body with the food and water we consume. Nanoaluminum can easily pass into the brain through the blood-brain barrier. These particles can enter into any cell of the body and cause Inflammation and disrupt normal life processes. Heart disease, pulmonary failure, and cancer are linked to high level exposure to particulates in the atmosphere.

We cannot escape this pollution by hiding in our homes or using common air filters. The particles are so small that they are impossible to avoid.

If you don’t believe that aerial spraying programs exist or doubt the claims of harmful health effects, then please use this link to read part one of this article.

Is the Spraying of Toxins in the atmosphere Reversing Global Warming?

The question that was in the back of my mind as I studied the history of aerial spraying programs, persistent contrails, and the damage to the health of millions of Americans was,

“Why is the atmosphere being sprayed?”

This is a simple question that has a complex answer.

At first I was tempted to agree with those who say that the aerial spraying program that is used to create artificial clouds was probably being done to reverse global warming and to restore normal weather activity. It is necessary, as many people say, to prevent the catastrophic climate change that is being caused by our burning of fossil fuel. However my enthusiasm for this explanation waned as I began to study the physics of clouds and particles suspended in the atmosphere.

The hypothesis that filling the Earth’s atmosphere with 10 to 20 million tons of nanoparticles of metal and polymers to reflect sunlight back out into space and reduce warming on Earth is actually false. It violates laws of physics and thermodynamics. The manmade clouds actually are a source of warming and not a solution to it. Clouds always hold in heat, especially those filled with nanoparticles of metal. In addition to holding in heat, they actually produce heat, especially when they are bombarded with various frequencies of energy from specialized ground based transmitters operated by the military known as HAARP (High-frequency Active Auroral Research Project). [2]

At first, I tried to ignore the faulty association that has been established between persistent contrails and global warming. I just didn’t want to soil myself in a battle over the truth or falsehood of certain propaganda campaigns. But as I looked at future international policy implications and reconsidered the massive harm that people are already experiencing from aerial spraying, I could not rest until I wrote about the great deception. I cannot ignore the vast set of lies and false information that is being circulated about the whole topic of geoengineering, weather management, and persistent contrails.

To say the least, the topic of climate change remains one of the most hotly contested battles in the realm of science and politics today, though that is not the image that we see in conventional media sources.

Aerial Spraying is Top Secret!

The US Air Force has many top secret research programs involving geoengineering, and issues contracts to corporations to do work for them. While research programs are being conducted in the atmosphere, they continue to deny the existence of such programs. The US government even requires their contractors to lie to the public about the purpose of their contracts.

Elana Freeland, author of Chemtrails, HAARP, and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth, describes the deception. She stated:

The U.S. Air Force’s credibility is further undermined by the fact that the Department of Defense (DoD) explicitly authorizes the dissemination of misleading information in order to protect classified programs. In a supplement to the National Industrial Security Program manual, released in draft form in March 1992, the DoD told contractors how to draft cover stories that “must be believable and cannot reveal any information regarding the true nature of the contract.” [3]

This level of deception creates great confusion among those of us who are trying to understand what is happening in the atmosphere. The confusion is further enhanced by shills and trolls who are paid to introduce false, condemning, and misleading information on the internet about everything related to global warming, climate change, and geoengineering. These professional liars challenge true science with half-truths and outright lies, while exalting false science with accolades of reverence and praise.

In an article entitled, “Science Is No Longer Truth: Death of Democracy and Knowledge,” Dr. Joseph Mercola describes what is happening to us and our world when science can no longer be relied upon as a source of truth. Dr. Mercola stated:

Our society is largely built on the idea that science can help us make good, solid decisions. But now we’re facing a world so rife with problems caused by the very sciences that were supposed to keep us healthy, safe, and productive, it’s quite clear that we’re heading toward more than one proverbial brick wall. In a sense, the fundamental role of science itself has been hijacked for selfish gain. Looking back, you can now see that the preferred business model of an industry was created first, followed by “scientific evidence” that supports the established business model.

When the science doesn’t support the company’s economic gains, it’s swept under the rug, even if people are dying and the planet is becoming irreparably poisoned as a result. Today we live in a world where chemical companies and biotech giants can easily buy and pay for their own research studies, as well as the lobbying to support whatever legislation they need passed in their favor. Conflicts of interest have become the norm within virtually all fields of science, which creates a completely unworkable – and dangerous – situation in the long run. [4]

Persistent Contrails must be Separated from Global Warming

While private scientists and dedicated researchers continue to reveal the details of the covert aerial spraying program and its toxic consequences, major media sources are ignoring or mocking those involved with this controversy. Instead, they feed us a constant stream of information to prove that global warming and uncontrolled climate change exists, and that we must do something about it or die.

The belief that the burning of fossil fuels was the cause of global warming was promoted and certified as absolute truth by former Vice-President Al Gore in his film “An Inconvenient Truth.” In the 2006 film, Mr. Gore taught that global warming was a scientific reality and we must do something positive to reverse this trend, or humanity and our Earth will suffer and die. [5] Conventional media sources picked up the global warming ball and have been passing it back and forth ever since.

If warming weather and climate change is being caused by human activity, as former Vice-President Gore asserts, is it necessary to believe that excess carbon production must be the cause? Could there be other causes? Is it possible that the covert aerial spraying program and persistent contrails, which our government continues to deny, are actually causing intentional weather disruptions? Weather disruptions and global warming are really two different topics. They are not necessarily linked. Intensification of weather and changes in weather patterns can occur even when global warming is not occurring.

Voices who Tell the Truth

Various whistleblowers have revealed information about the truth of global warming and the spraying programs that are supposed to protect us from climate change. They have provided valuable information about the secret US military operations that are involved with the spraying and the efforts to take control over the weather. These sources also link the government spraying program to commercial jet aircraft who also participate in the program. There are many witnesses who cannot or will not speak publicly, because of fear of retaliation, however others have stepped forward to confirm the existence of a spraying program.

Several whistleblowers from various fields have spoken out about what they have learned about aerial spraying. Some of them are listed on Global Sky Watch:

These people have provided invaluable information about persistent contrails, which shows that there is much more to the aerial spraying program than the treatment of global warming or climate change.

Vow of Silence

Airline pilots must remain completely silent about their participation in the spraying program, which is called “clover leaf.” They are not told what they are spraying or why they are spraying it, because they “don’t have a need to know.” Nevertheless they are expected to do this part of their job, because of contracts between the airlines and the U.S. Government. [6]

It’s no longer Global Warming – It’s Now Climate Change

You may have noticed a subtle, but definite change in the language used in the last few years by politicians and conventional media sources. The phrase “global warming” is being replaced with the phrase “climate change.” The reason for this is that the global warming agenda is falling on its face, because climate data no longer supports the global warming hypothesis. Officials no longer speak of “out of control warming,” but speak of out of control weather. Storms, fires, and any other weather related catastrophe is blamed on human beings and our contamination of the atmosphere with excess carbon dioxide. The language may have changed, but the implication remains the same.

“It’s all our fault! We will be victims of climate change, weather related disasters, and widespread death, unless we change our lifestyles – and change them now!”

I need to fully break apart the supposed relationship between aerial spraying, global warming, and climate change, because the day may be coming soon when we are asked to accept aerial spraying even though there are serious health risks. A day may be coming when the covert spraying program that is putting millions of tons of metals and other toxic substances into the atmosphere, will be officially made public.

The argument may be set forth at that time that aerial spraying is absolutely necessary – it may be what we must do to survive. The imperative tone in such statements lies far from the truth. My concern is that the threat of global warming and climate change might just be used to manipulate the public to accept highly toxic aerial spraying technology in the same way that the public has been misled to accept highly toxic vaccines. When incomplete and misleading knowledge is combined with threats and manipulation, then people start asking for toxic substances, which might save them from the poorly understood dangers.

Fear of death from diseases or fear of death by the overheating of the Earth, can both be used to control people and their choices.

Global warming or climate change should not become an excuse for aerial spraying of toxic chemicals any more than the existence of disease should be the excuse for mandatory vaccination programs.

Independent Thinkers Make Up Their Own Minds about Global Warming

There is a long list of scientists who are working hard to reveal the false science behind the global warming hypothesis. Many of them are whistleblowers, because they have stepped forward to expose the false science behind the global warming hypothesis, even though their action could be a threat to their careers.

In fact, as of September 1, 2015, over 31 thousand American scientists have formally rejected the global warming hypothesis. These scientists reject the claim that global warming is a “settled science” and reject the hypothesis of human-caused global warming and consequent climatological damage. They state that no such consensus or settled science exists.

The website for the Global Warming Petition Project states:

Publicists at the United Nations, Mr. Al Gore, and their supporters frequently claim that only a few “skeptics” remain – skeptics who are still unconvinced about the existence of a catastrophic human-caused global warming emergency.

It is evident that 31,487 Americans with university degrees in science – including 9,029 PhDs, are not “a few.” Moreover, from the clear and strong petition statement that they have signed, it is evident that these American scientists are not “skeptics.”

These scientists are instead convinced that the human-caused global warming hypothesis is without scientific validity and that government action on the basis of this hypothesis would unnecessarily and counterproductively damage both human prosperity and the natural environment of the Earth. [7]

The Daily Express in London reported claims from weather experts that global warming ended 18 years ago. They reported:

Climate expert William Happer, from Princeton University stated: “No chemical compound in the atmosphere has a worse reputation than CO2, thanks to the single-minded demonization of this natural and essential atmospheric gas by advocates of government control and energy production. … The incredible list of supposed horrors that increasing carbon dioxide will bring the world is pure belief disguised as science.” [8]

Is Global Warming an Example of Statistical Manipulation of Weather Data?

If global warming actually ended 18 years ago, as some scientists believe, then why do we still hear a constant barrage of intentionally alarming weather reports that say, last week or last month or last year was the hottest in recorded history. How can we keep having record setting high temperatures if global warming is a myth?

John Coleman, the co-founder of the Weather Channel gave us the answer to this question in his television documentary. He stated:

Temperature readings have been manipulated at the primary climate data centers in the United States in order to support the global warming agenda. Now that is a strong news statement that has never been said on television before. But I want to emphasize it. After a thousand hours or more of research, a computer programmer and a certified consulting meteorologist found that temperature data has been manipulated at US government climate centers. The altered temperatures seemed designed to support the global warming agenda. The two key centers involved are the National Climate Data Center at Ashville, North Carolina and the NASA Goddard Institute of Space Studies at Columbia University in New York City. [9]

There are four key points that were raised in the documentary.

First, the computer programs used at those centers to calculate world temperature averages have been dramatically altered so that the final computer product no longer averages actual temperatures from actual locations.

Second, the number of weather observation points has been dramatically reduced from about 6,000 to only about 1,500 or less.

Third, the vast majority of weather stations that were eliminated from the data set were those in cooler locations at higher latitudes and elevations.

Fourth, the temperatures themselves are being altered by so called “homogenization.” Temperatures are being assigned to certain locations and countries where no actual temperature data has been measured.

A computer programmer from San Jose, California, E. Michael Smith, and a certified consulting meteorologist Joseph D’Aleo from Hudson, New Hampshire explained what happened to the data. I will summarize the chain of events for brevity.

From 1950 to 1990, there were a large number of weather reporting stations all around the world – approximately 6,000 in number. They all fed weather data into data collection centers in the US. During 1989-1990 the number of data reports being added to the national weather database each day fell to about 1,500. The number of reporting stations hadn’t changed, but the data was selectively sorted to remove 4,500 reporting locations.

The data from many cold weather reporting stations located in mountainous regions and from cold weather stations located in areas far from the equator were simply no longer added to the database.

Even though a fundamental change in the database had occurred, meteorologists were not told of the change. The data collection centers also did not attempt to adjust the old data to fit their newly restricted selection — they just started comparing apples and oranges. They compared data from the period prior to 1990 with data from after 1990 as if nothing in the database had changed.

By removing the cold climate stations from the data, and then estimating the temperature that might have been expected for the deleted locations, there was a sudden increase in average worldwide temperatures. Nothing had changed in the actual temperatures of the globe, but the data manipulation started revealing a warming trend that began to alarm people in the early 1990s.

Michael Smith described the effect of removing 75% of the reporting weather stations from the database. He stated:

For example, in California, in the data set, there are four surviving thermometers: one at San Francisco airport, and three near Los Angeles. How do you measure the snowy Sierra Nevada [mountains] when your thermometer is near the beach in San Diego?

One of the more startling ones I ran into is Bolivia. There is a wonderful baseline for Bolivia — a very high mountainous country right up to 1990 when the data ends. If you look on the 2009 anomaly map you will see a very rosy hot Bolivia. How do you get a hot Bolivia when you haven’t measured the temperature for 20 years? They took the temperature from places up to 1,200 kilometers away and copied it in — they fill-in with what they got – and what they got is the beach in Peru and the Amazon Jungle.

There is no longer any surviving thermometer in the Northwest Territories or in the Yukon. Those are filled-in from somewhere else, and which because there are none in the arctic either, has to be somewhere more southerly or closer to the ocean where it is warmer. [10]

Joe D’Aleo provided additional information about the misleading data. Mr. D’Aleo was the director of meteorology at the Weather Channel. He said that he was not surprised at what Michael Smith discovered. He stated:

Increasingly in recent years, there has been a discrepancy that has grown between the satellite assessment of global temperatures and the land based assessment. For example in June of this year the national centers announced that it was the second warmest June in 130 years for the planet, while the satellite told us that it was the 14th or 15th coolest year in 31 years. Obviously both can’t be true. [11]

John Coleman and Joe D’Aleo provided us with one last exchange of views concerning why 75% of the government’s weather database had been dramatically reduced in size in 1990. They stated:

Joe D’Aleo:

We can only surmise that it was done to show more warming, because of the way it was done — country by country. In California and the rest of the world, they seem to have a disdain for mountains.

John Coleman asked:

Joe, this is the United States government, how can they do this?

Joe D’Aleo responded:

We ask ourselves that question every day. How can they do this? … Follow the money, I guess is the answer. [12]

Watch the documentary:

Where is the Concern over Climate Change Headed?

On July 31, 2015, President Barack Obama delivered a major policy speech on global climate change to an international gathering in Alaska. He spoke to those attending a Conference called “Global Leadership in the Arctic: Cooperation, Innovation, Engagement and Resilience (GLACIER).” The event was hosted by the U.S. Department of State. The conference was intended to focus the world’s attention on the most urgent issues facing the Arctic today and provide an opportunity for foreign ministers and key stakeholders to define the region’s most crucial challenges. [13]

NBC News reported on President Obama’s Alaska speech. NBC stated:

President Barack Obama challenged fellow world leaders in unusually blunt language Monday to act boldly on climate change or “condemn our children to a world they will no longer have the capacity to repair.”

In a forceful address, Obama opened the “GLACIER” conference in Anchorage, Alaska, by declaring: “We are not moving fast enough. None of the nations represented here are moving fast enough.”

That includes the U.S., which Obama said “recognizes our role in creating this problem.” [14]

I agree with the NBC News characterization of President Obama’s speech as being, blunt, bold, and forceful. To those words I would add threatening and manipulative. From President Obama’s speech, we learn that there is no longer room for those who disagree with the global warming hypothesis or the carbon centered hypothesis. We are to accept and believe that severe weather events and climate change have only one cause, which is the release of excess carbon into the environment. Opposition to this belief must be brought to an end.

In addition to the remarks reported by NBC News, I transcribed the following remarks from President Obama’s speech. President Obama stated:

We know that human activity is changing the climate. That is beyond dispute. Everything else is politics. People are denying the facts of climate change. We can have a legitimate debate about how we are going to address this problem but we cannot deny the science. We also know the devastating consequences if the current trend lines continue — that is not deniable.

If the trend lines continue the way they are, there’s not going to be a nation on this Earth that is not impacted negatively. People will suffer. Economies will suffer. Entire nations will find themselves under severe problems: more drought, more floods, rising sea levels, greater migration, more refugees, more scarcity, more conflict.

That’s one path we can take. The other path is to embrace human ingenuity and do something about it. This is within our power. It is a solvable problem – if we start now. We are starting to see that enough consensus is being built internationally and within each of our own body politics then we may have the political will finally to get moving. The time to heed the critics and the cynics and the deniers is past. The time to plead ignorance is surely past. Those who want to ignore the science – they are increasingly alone. They are on their own shrinking island.

And let’s remember that even beyond the climate benefits of pursuing cleaner energy sources and more resilient ways of living, the byproduct of it is that we also make our air cleaner and safer for our children to breathe.

This is not simply a danger to be avoided – this is an opportunity to be seized! But we have to keep going. We are making a difference but we have to keep going. We are not moving fast enough. If we were to abandon our course of action – if we stopped trying to build a clean energy economy and reduce carbon pollution, if we do nothing to keep glaciers from melting faster and oceans from rising faster and forests from burning faster and storms from growing stronger we will condemn our children to a planet beyond their capacity to repair.

Submerged countries — abandoned cities — fields no longer growing — indigenous peoples who can’t carry out traditions that stretch back millennia — entire industries of people who cannot practice their livelihoods — desperate refugees seeking the sanctuary of nations not their own — political disruptions that can trigger multiple conflicts around the globe. That is not a future of strong economic growth. That is not a future where freedom and human rights are on the move.

Any leader willing to take a gamble on a future like that, any leader who refuses to take this issue seriously or treats it like a joke, is not fit to lead. [15]

President Obama’s speech:

The Problem is Geoengineering not Carbon

Three themes jumped out at me when I listened to President Obama’s speech. He repeatedly emphasized these themes again and again throughout his speech. First, our planet and future generations are doomed to destruction because of our excess carbon dioxide emissions. Second, we are not moving fast enough – we must move faster to reverse this trend, and third, the time for debate and opposition has past. It is time to do whatever is necessary to save our planet.

President Obama did a masterful job of directing the world’s attention to the need to control carbon emissions. He is telling everyone to look at and address that single issue and we will prevent world-wide catastrophe.

On the other hand, independent scientists, independent thinkers, and advocates against geoengineering are saying that carbon from the use of fossil fuels is not the problem, and global warming is not the problem. The problem that is causing severe storms and weather extremes is military and corporate experimentation with geoengineering in our atmosphere. It is the daily implementation of fully developed weather control programs in our atmosphere, which is disrupting climate. The problem is aerial spraying of toxic metals and polymers, persistent contrails, and the use of secret energy distribution technology which uses persistent contrails. The geoengineering of the weather is not the solution – it is the problem.

Perspective from a Shrinking Island

So, here I sit on my shrinking island, and am thanking God that I am not a world leader. I respectfully disagree with our president’s portrayal of the problem we face. I have many additional reasons for not being able to jump on the bandwagon that is going to rescue the world from carbon catastrophe. I will share some of them in the remainder of this article.

I believe that the President’s speech is setting the stage for major worldwide policy change regarding the environment. Things are moving quickly and President Obama is insisting that they move even more quickly –

“We are not moving fast enough.”

Thus, we should not be surprised when we hear about new proposals to gain control over climate and the weather in the next six months. Should we really believe that this matter is extremely urgent? We are told it is, but is this true?

Thus far, we have seen the concern over global warming be transformed into concern over uncontrolled climate change. I suspect that the next step will be a call to use our ingenuity to achieve “climate control.” Climate control means to use technology to literally change the weather to meet human needs and political preferences. The technology already exists to do this.

Climate control programs might be introduced as a humanitarian effort to share the world’s resources with the poor people and poor countries of the Earth. Countries with inadequate levels of rain and food will be targeted for help. Will we be told that we should be willing to modify the weather to help the less fortunate peoples of the world? After all, we might be told, no one should go hungry, because of intense storms or lack of rain.

The truth of the aerial spraying program is that it is a multi-purpose partnership between government and corporations, which is linked to weather management, product development, military surveillance, and several military weapon systems. The complex nature of these programs is far too detailed for discussion in this short article. I refer you to the book, Chemtrails, HAARP, and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth by Elana Freeland for the details.

The aerial spraying program makes it possible to manage the weather. This means making storms, stopping storms, and moving storms at the will of man. This means creating floods, droughts, and even deserts.

Controlling Weather for Profit: “An Opportunity to be Seized”

President Obama said that the climate problem,

“is not simply a danger to be avoided – this is an opportunity to be seized.”

It appears that Monsanto and other corporations are getting in line to seize the opportunities that are about to develop.

Elana Freeland Describes Monsanto’s interest in controlling the weather for profit. She stated:

Besides dominating the $13.3 billion biotech seed industry with its herbicide Roundup and 3,981 abiotic stress-tolerant transgenic plant patents, Monsanto seems to have the inside track on chemtrail heavy metals and HAARP ionization of the atmosphere, its abiotic stress tolerance ”Terminator” seed bulked up for extreme weather and aluminum-degraded soil conditions, extreme cold, heat, drought, flood, UV ozone, acid rain, salt stress, heavy metals, etc. [16]

Monsanto is developing abiotic seeds, which will be able to withstand drought and severe storms. So, if your country is having unusually stormy weather or is experiencing drought, then Monsanto seeds will still give you a crop, while your neighbors who don’t use Monsanto seeds will experience crop failures.

Monsanto also has a solution for all the nanoparticles of aluminum that are being sprayed into the air, and which eventually fall to the ground where it accumulates in the soil at highly toxic levels. Monsanto has developed an aluminum resistant gene that they can insert into the next generation of their seeds. This means that it won’t matter how much aluminum accumulates in the soil from aerial spraying, because Monsanto crops will still thrive, while the crops grown from non-GMO seeds will just turn yellow and die because of the excess aluminum.

Monsanto will be ready for the future and will have seeds for every contingency.

The Agenda of Linking the Environment with Social Concerns

It is likely that the themes of environment, climate change, and poverty will be reinforced by Pope Francis when he addresses the U.S. Congress in late September of this year and when he speaks to the delegates of the United Nations (UN) in New York. These speeches may give us additional clues about how international climate policy will develop. It is very interesting to note the similarity in themes and the similarity of language that is being used by President Obama and Pope Francis.

Catholic News Service discussed Pope Francis’ upcoming speeches. They stated:

For Pope Francis, making the world a better place is not a catchy line from a pop song. It is about rolling up one’s sleeves and feeding the hungry, welcoming the immigrant, rescuing the victims of human trafficking, reducing the carbon emissions that contribute to global warming and ensuring jobs for young adults.

Courage also is needed to overcome what the pope has described as “the globalization of indifference,” “the economy of exclusion” and the “throwaway culture,” which are the main forces he sees at play behind hunger, poverty, abortion, discrimination, immigration, war, environmental devastation and a host of other global problems.

His visit coincides with a scheduled vote on the sustainable development goals, a list of 17 major commitments that the world’s nations and U.N. agencies will be asked to pursue until 2030, beginning with concrete steps to end extreme poverty everywhere.

Even on the question of climate change and preparations for the U.N. Climate Change Conference in Paris at the end of the year, the pope’s challenge to the United Nations will come back to his conviction that too many people and nations have made money their god and self-interest their only criterion for judgment.

“International negotiations (on climate change) cannot make significant progress due to positions taken by countries which place their national interests above the global common good,” the pope wrote in his environmental encyclical. “We believers cannot fail to ask God for a positive outcome to the present discussions, so that future generations will not have to suffer the effects of our ill-advised delays.” [17]

The UN IPCC Meets in Paris to Discuss Climate Change

In President Obama’s speech, he made reference to a gathering of world leaders that will take place later this year. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), an organization of the United Nations, will meet in Paris. The IPCC produces reports that support the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), which is the main international treaty on climate change. Leaders from around the world will meet under the flag of the United Nations (UN) and will consider how to advance the UN’s climate change agenda in the 21st century. The meeting will be held November 30 through December 11, 2015.

I cannot predict whether the secretive aerial spraying of our planet with toxic substances will be brought to light for public discussion at that meeting. Will we be told that it is time to begin an aerial spraying program to protect the planet or will this program continue to be shrouded in the milky haze of secrecy?

So, what’s the Truth about Aerial Spraying and Persistent Contrails?

Based on the extensive investigation of Elana Freeland and many other independent researchers and scientists, the spraying of the atmosphere is being done for several reasons. It is part of a program to actually control and manipulate the weather. The technology now exists to prevent rain and to create rain. The technology exists to use three dimensional imaging technologies to see everything on the earth by using the particles and energy fields that are being injected into the atmosphere. The technology exists to transmit various types of electromagnetic wave patterns through the atmosphere to cause great physical harm to living organisms without damaging infrastructure, or to cause natural disasters. The use of the sky and the control of weather is the next frontier for political and corporate domination of world systems.

If you research the topics I have discussed in these two articles on the internet, you will find vast amounts of information, which attacks and distorts what has been discussed here. The internet is filled with the skillful work of shills and trolls, who use various techniques to destroy and divert attention from the aerial spraying program. These people are paid operatives who work to promote confusion and doubt among people who are interested in topics that corporations and the government don’t want exposed to public review.

You can recognize shills and trolls by their demeaning and condemning language. They constantly say things such as, “you are wedded to theories adopted before the evidence was in,” “you are politically motivated,” “you are financially motivated in advancing your agenda,” “your research was pseudo-science and inaccurate,” “you are simply infatuated with your own pet theories and are unwilling to look at truth,” and “you are intellectually, professionally, and morally unqualified to render an opinion on this topic.”

The shills and trolls also use techniques of topic dilution. They will expand a specific topic by introducing false and misleading information that clouds the sky over any topic. They will create so many rabbit trails that lead nowhere and insert so many crazy ideas into the discussion that it can be nearly impossible to sort out truth from the fiction they create.

If the shills and trolls can keep people lost and confused, then they are keeping people inactive and silent. If they can make the leaders of a movement look crazy, then no one will want to follow them. If they can assassinate the character of people they wish to silence, then they have discredited truth and the bringers of truth. If they introduce meaningless topics to simply fill the top slots of Google search results, then they can bury the truth that appears on lower rated webpages.

Final Warning

If we ignore the dangers of aerial spraying and persistent contrails, while embracing the carbon pollution hypothesis, we may find ourselves rapidly heading down a road that looks just like the road that is leading to mandatory vaccination. By believing that carbon dioxide is about to result in major devastation of our planet, we are giving government and corporations just what they want.

What they want is for us to look at the red herring of changes in carbon-dioxide levels and to do whatever the government and corporations insist that we do. This is called environmental or green fascism. We will be asked to do many things for the sake of our planet and the human race, while the truth is that this is all about social control by corporations and the accumulations of even greater wealth and worldwide dominance.

When I hear words from political leaders and conventional media sources about disease prevention, health, and vaccines, I automatically put up a mental shield against being fed lies. In the same way, when I now hear words about global warming, carbon-dioxide, carbon footprint, extreme weather events, climate change, and the absolutely urgent need for immediate and decisive action, I also put up a mental shield, because the likelihood is that I am about to hear convoluted lies and manipulations.

I will finish with a warning given to us by nationally recognized neurosurgeon, health practitioner, author and lecturer, Dr. Russel L. Blaylock, MD, concerning the aerial spraying of the atmosphere with nanoaluminum. Dr. Blaylock stated:

Steps need to be taken now to prevent an impending health disaster of enormous proportions if this project is not stopped immediately. Otherwise we will see an explosive increase in neurodegenerative diseases occurring in adults and the elderly in unprecedented rates as well as neurodevelopmental disorders in our children. We are already seeing a dramatic increase in these neurological disorders and it is occurring in younger people than ever before.

I pray that the pilots who are spraying this dangerous substance fully understand that they are destroying the life and health of their families as well. This is also true of our political officials. Once the soil, plants and water sources are heavily contaminated there will be no way to reverse the damage that has been done. [18]

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John P. Thomas is a health writer for Health Impact News. He holds a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Michigan, and a Master of Science in Public Health (M.S.P.H.) from the School of Public Health, Department of Health Administration, at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


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