Ufologists suggest these are detailed images of Alien city on Ceres

This image was obtained by NASA’s Dawn spacecraft and shows the crater Occator Ceres, home to an intriguing collection of bright spots which researchers have not been able to explain. The white dots are brighter than the rest of the surface of Ceres and tend to appear over-exposed in most images. This view is a composite of 2 images of Ceres’ Occator crater: one using an underexposed photograph that captures the detail in the bright spots and one with the bottom surface captured with normal exposure.

This detailed image of the crater was obtained by Dawn as it observed from orbit, at an altitude of 1,470 kilometers the mysterious dwarf planet which has given both scientists and Ufologists a lot to talk about.

The current orbit of Dawn allows a resolution of 140 meters per pixel. NASA’s Dawn has already completed the second cycle of 11 days mapping the surface of Ceres from its current height and has already started the third round on September the ninth. The Dawn space craft will map the surface of Ceres six times during the next two months. Each cycle consists of 14 orbits. Photographing the dwarf planet from a slightly different angle in each cycle of the mapping process will allow scientists to assemble detailed images and 3D maps of the dwarf planet.

Mysteriously, the Occator crater is filled with ‘anomalous’ structures that according to Ufologists are anything but natural formations. Several Ufologists who have taken a look at the newest images from dwarf planet Ceres, suggest that several ‘buildings’ are seen next to the bright spots. Researchers have not been able to explain the mysterious shapes and bright spots that have caused quite a debate on social networks. Check out the image below:

In a statement from NASA, scientists pointed out that the ring which surrounds the Occator crater is almost vertical in some places, where the outer parts rise almost 2 kilometers relative to the bottom of the crater.

Ceres isn’t the only dwarf planet with bright spots

Researchers have discovered that Pluto, just like Ceres, has huge bright spots on its surface. Just like the ones found at dwarf planet Ceres, the bright dots on the Surface of Pluto are mysterious and scientists have no idea what causes them.

Ceres’ bright spots aren’t the only thing anomalous that NASA has found. Recently, experts have identified hat appears to be a giant pyramidal structure on the surface of the planet. NASA has surprised us all with the images that will surely provide a lot to talk about among ufologists and researchers. Ceres is a dwarf planet where almost everything is flat and deserted, but thanks to the newest images of the Dawn spacecraft, experts have found, in the middle of nowhere, a pyramidal structures standing tall and “proud”.

Ufologists believe that the bright spots on the surface of the dwarf planet have an extraterrestrial origin, something that has given several scientists a good subject to laugh about. Yet, these same experts have no clue what causes the bright lights on Ceres. Several theories have been proposed ever since the Dawn spacecraft photographed the bright spots a couple of months ago, but so far none of the proposed theories have been accepted by the scientific community. Perhaps, after all, there is something ‘weird’ about Ceres.

What do you think about these new images? Is it possible that the images are showing extraterrestrial structures on the surface of the dwarf planet as ufologists suggest? Or are we looking at some sort of strange natural phenomena?

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