Migraine is a throbbing headache that usually occurs in the form of a pulse, only on one particular place of the head. Physical activity only increases the pain, but the symptoms may vary.

Distinguishing headache of migraine is very important, because of its treatment. Therefore, first find out what type of headache you have prior to mend.

These are the most common symptoms and signs that you suffer from migraine

1.Aura – usually occurs approximately 1 hour before the pain begins. It is actually visual disturbances, and sparks sight in any form. The aura usually lasts several minutes and is definitely not a sign that you should ignore it.

2.Depression, irritability or excitement – Some sufferers may experience sudden depression, while others may experience great energy and excitement. The relationship with migraine are all sudden changes in mood, for no apparent reason.

3.Lack of rest at night – Constant awakening like you’re tired, with severe headache or notice a problem at night, then you are suffering from lack of rest caused by migraine.

4.Watery eyes – Some people occurs even in the form of tears strongly as when crying.

5.Hunger – Shortly before a migraine occurs incredible desire to eat, even if you ate a few minutes, and often hunger targets one type of food.

6.Pain in the side of the head, like something stabbing you – This symptom occurs even with half the people who suffer from migraines.

7.Pain in the eyes – often migraine revealed because of eye examinations, in which people complain of swollen and tired eyes.

8.Neck pain – constant pain your neck and shoulders should not be ignored, because it is one of the main symptoms.

9.Frequent urination – The connection may be strange, but very accurate. If this symptom notice, expect the headache for a few hours.

10.Yawning – yawning as a result of low fatigue, is taken as another symptom that needs to pay attention.

11.Nausea and vomiting – Dizziness and headaches often result in nausea in the stomach , at least when it comes to migraines.

12.Loss of sensitivity – Many people who suffer from migraines are complaining of debilitating skin sensitivity.

13.The sense of smell sharpens – If the smells are worsening the headache and you feel dizziness, it’s time to diagnose migraine.

14.The activities increase the pain – if routine activities are starting to increase the pain, then it is time to take action.

15.Problems with speech - rare, but there are cases where those who suffer from migraine forget words or have any problem in a speech that never previously noticed.

16.Hangover after headache - Afte rmigraine many feel exhaustion, lethargy, with concentration problems, and loss of energy.

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