Here’s What Happens When You Touch These Pressure Points On Your Hands

Reflexology is an incredibly powerful ancient healing therapy that serves to heal and relieve pain in nearly every part of the body. Reflexology as a practice is simply stimulating certain points on the body, thus eliciting a response from the body’s nervous system that relieves tress and targets some ailments specifically.

Reflexology is also sometimes used as a diagnostic tool. For example, pain or strange sensations in a specific part of your hands could mean an organ or system in your body isn’t doing well.

What are some ailments that can be relieved by reflexology?

1. Gall disease.

A diseased gallbladder can only be fully dealt with through surgery or serious changes in your diet, neither of which are awful options. Relieving pain in the gallbladder can be as easy as putting pressure in the center of the palm of your hand.

2. Headaches.

Headaches can really derail your day and it’s sometimes not the best idea to take pills for pain. If you’re suffering a headache, put pressure on the tips of your middle fingers.

3. Pain in the appendix.

Appendix pain is not to be trifled with. If you even suspect you have appendicitis, go to the emergency room at once. A diseases appendix can kill you. On your way to the hospital, put pressure on the palm of your hands just a bit further up from where you would for gall pain.

4. Broken nose.

Let me guess, you broke your nose at fight club again, didn’t you? Okay, you don’t have to talk about fight club, but after a medical professional sets your busted-ass nose back in place, put pressure on the middle joint of your thumbs to help relieve pain in your nose.

5. Sciatica.

Sciatic nerve pain can be an atrocious source of chronic pain. Putting pressure on your wrists exactly where it meets the hand will help relieve pain. Stretching often helps as well.

The list goes on!

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