Showering With Cold Water Has a Beneficial Effect On The Organism!

An interesting research conducted in Germany showed that people who have a shower every day for two minutes with cold water rarely get colds, which is a consequence of the strengthening of their immunity!

Certainly, hot shower is much more comfortable, but having a shower with cold water also has its advantages.

Blood stream: If you shower interchangeably with hot and cold water, you’re improving the work of your blood stream which has some beneficial effects on it. Namely, the blood vessels tighten when they’re exposed to cold water, which increases the blood pressure temporarily and fastens the blood flow.

Energy: We all know the effect of washing ourselves with cold water. Also, it gives energy and has a recovery effect on the whole body. The heart starts beating faster and the improved blood flow decreases the fatigue.

Immunity: Yes, it sounds a little bit incredible but researches have shown that showering with cold water improves our immunity!

Losing weight: Did you know that cold water improves the burning of calories and in that way stimulates the losing of weight? Cold shower actually leads our bodies to increase the temperature and the inner warming of the body fastens the metabolism and losing calories. Besides that, showering with cold water stimulates the exchange of matters and improves the circulation which is excellent in the fight against cellulite.

Still, you have to be careful – showering with cold water has to be gradual so that you don’t cause a shock to your body if you’re not used to low water temperatures.

First have a shower with hot water and then start cooling it as long as you can take it being cold.

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