How do Human Beings Win by Being Human ?

Let’s put all the cards on the table. We are all born as human beings. All of us! Red, Black, White, Yellow, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Jew, Atheist, Scientist, Blue Collar Workers, White Collar Workers, Politicians, Terrorists, Entertainers, Homeless, Filthy Rich, Man, Woman… we are all Human.

When the sperm of your father passes all the obstacles, dangers and challenges to the victory of your life, to meet with the egg of your mother.. in that quanta of time when both of them unite as one, as YOU… you are HUMAN.

You are none of the labels I mentioned above. You are enough. You are human. In that fragment of time 2 separates unite as 1 and penetrate through time and space creating a hole. But this is not a black hole. This is a white hole. A hole through which light comes into this Universe.

And yes, there are white holes. Even science says that by theory, if a black hole exists a white hole must also exist. However, science has never discovered one as science looks for answers outside. Spiritualists never became aware of a white hole as they seek answers inside. The one is blind of the darkness the other is blind of the light. That’s why they cannot SEE that WE are the white holes.

Ok, let’s not escape the subject.

What does it mean to be a human?

Many of us have no idea what that means.

“I am a human, I am at the top of the food chain, I can think and invent things, I need money, I can become a god, I need to be enlightened, I should make the world a better place, I must adapt to society, I want to make my dreams come true.”

Alright bro. But that’s not what being a human means. That’s not the ALL of who YOU are.

As the first light fills YOU when the sperm and the egg make “fusion ha” (Dragonball Z reference) you are all that you’ll ever need to be, to be a human.

You are enough to grow from your true potential not search for it outside, for some proof that you are worthy. No baby is born with a doubt. Doubt is something we learn.

You are a human even before the sperm and the egg design your 46 chromosomes blueprint.

What being a human means?

You are a human which means you are Love. You are created from Love and love is not this physical, pheromone producing representation we perceive. Love by default is Oneness, fusion of 2 opposites to create 1. Fusion of 2 lights to create 1 more intense, brighter light.

As the sperm and the egg. As your mother and your father, and their mothers and their fathers.

If you read this, that’s who you are. The agent of Love. A light bringer to the darkness of this Universe.

Now let’s get clear something.

The Light I am referring to is not light vs. darkness that kind of light. There is no vs. in this Light. This Light is the union of the light and the darkness. Let’s call it True Light.

Your Light is held by the Energy=Mater of this Universe. Either of them would not know of the other if they do not meet.

This Universe would not know enlightenment and energy, also The Light will not know darkness, pleasure or pain this Universe may give.

Because Light comes here there is darkness and because this Universe sees light there is enlightenment. But True Light is both of them.

You are not the 1 or the other, you are both of them. The Light and The Darkness. And when you unite them, fuse them through love, you are Human. A True Light. You are harmony. The perfect balance of this Universe and The Light.

That’s why we have art and comedy, that’s why we create stories and invent and come together to party and dance and sing. Because we are the rebels of this Universe. We paint it our own color.

We do not know what is out there. We discover together. We are like the curious kids on an adventure and once we discover what is out there we make fun out of it. We play with it. Together.

We take the darkness it has and alchemize it into True Light with our Light. We have fun with danger and create extreme sports.

We also take the light of this Universe, the knowledge and experience, the pleasures and technology, the inventions others created and use it to alchemize our darkness into True Light.

In the nexus of us we are True Light. We are humans.

However, we get born and everything changes.

Because we cannot be independent as babies, we need our parents to survive, we trust them with our lives.

But, as they have been programmed to believe and distort their light, we also absorb the same beliefs and some of us grow old never being able to be their real, undistorted selves.

Even more of us seek to find ourselves outside, to find a proof, a material possession or a role model which will remind us who we really are. We forget how to play. We seek to be tuned. However, as many of you know, that’s a fool’s errand.

You never really seek approval of others. You only seek approval of yourself. All you need is Self Confidence. That’s all you need.

And all you tell to yourself is a lame story created by the lies society told you, lies society believes because it was scared of not being worthy. Because people never really realized what they really are and always were, even before they were born.

A tree is the same tree even when it is a seed. It always has its potential. It is always enough to be what it really is and grow through that truth. It never doubts itself.

That’s why we have wars. That’s why we hurt each other. That’s why we compare and compete with each other. Because we are scared of each other. Because we fear that we may not be enough, yet we feel what we are deep inside. That’s ego, no self confidence.

We feel that we are not enough to be who we are and grow through what we are, because others will prevent us. We have no self confidence.

Others prevent us because they have no self confidence. They never did yet they managed to find outside proof which makes them feel safe. But they never found their self confidence. Take their proof and what they are? Those little kids who once got scared. Who started doubting their truth.

So we distrust each other because we cannot trust ourselves. We cannot love each other because we fear each other. And we fear each other because we fear the shadows in ourselves.

This is how humanity got distorted and scattered.

We created a “safe” environment for ourselves because we got scared by the animals, and that’s ok. But we never overcome that fear. That’s why we became the animals we run away from. We became the shadows we were running away from.

We started imprisoning animals. Then we started imprisoning the people who became animals. Then we started to make wars with anyone who believes something else than us because we were always scared to face that fear our beliefs hided from us.

But that never changed the fact that we are Humans. We may be less humans as we project more distorted True Light, but we are humans none the less.

And if we want to win this battle we have created between each other, we need to start believing again that we are all humans. Stop being scared of one another.

Yes, others may hurt you, but you are better than fearing other sparks of light. Love them. Be strong to love everyone, to see everyone as they really are, beneath the dirt they put on themselves.

We hurt each other because we cannot see the light in each other.

That’s how we can win terrorism, enslavement, injustice. By showing the world that it should not be afraid.

Show love to the terrorists, show them that you love them. You love them. You are not the enemy. You don’t want to hurt them. If anything, you would love for them to be happy and stop hurting others.

Who can fool the world that there are enemies who want to hurt us if we all show love to each other. Who can enslave you if you are free from your shadows? What inequalities there will be if we admit that we are ALL unique and different?

Humans win simply by being humans.

Women rights, Men rights, Race discrimination, Religion wars, by the way, how can we possibly hurt each other and believe we are serving love? Serving a god who all that preached about was to love each other? I mean really?!

Stop chasing shadows, all you want is approval that you are worthy and NO ONE will give you that if you do not give that to yourself. All you try to do is prove to yourself that what you believe is true. Do you see how contradictory that is?

Terrorist can be anyone. White, Black, Tall, Short, Grown Up, Kid, Man, Woman. It can be from the Middle East or Europe or USA. It can be the guy who sells you an Icecream or the cop who keeps you safe.

However, we all can be heroes also. All of us.

You do not need to be anything specific to be a human and being a human is the most heroic thing you can do in the world.

Let your weapon be humanity and love. Make fun of the darkness. That’s why I love

Spread your light. All that the darkness ever wanted was to bath in the light. Give that to it. Give it what it wants. And do not be fooled by your shadows.

Face them and cast light upon them. Start believing that you are you. You are enough.

The war in the world is won individually.

Human beings win by being human.

As a wise man once said, “Some believe it is only great power that holds evil in check, but that is not what I have found. I found it is the small everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay… small acts of kindness and love.” – JRR Tolkein through Gandalf The Grey.

Smile to your neighbor, hug your parents, give food to the homeless, make a song, dance, sing, write a book, make fun, laugh, fall in love, cook a lunch and invite your friends, travel, swim, ski, fly, get rid of labels, take pictures with strangers, ask their story, make comedy, be a fool… and you’ll be the best version of yourself you can possibly be.

Be a human. Let yourself be vulnerable. That’s your greatest strength.

Be your True Light. Spread your True Light.

Be what you always were.

Be what you were always meant to be.

Be a white hole.

Human Beings win by being human because like that there is no competition. Like that we all have already won. And what’s left is time to play.

I love all of YOU!

Being human is cool.

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