One Glass of Red Wine Equals One Hour Exercise – Study

Let’s face it – going to the gym is not everyone’s favorite, but drinking wine can be a joy. Now, there’s good news to the red wine drinkers. According to a study, a glass of red wine could mimic the same benefits of going to the gym for an hour.

The research, which was performed by the University of Alberta, Canada, discovered that a red wine compound called resveratrol can provide similar benefits of an hour of cross­training. With just one glass of your preferred alcohol, physical performance, muscle strength, and heart function can be obtained.

Who Would Benefit from this Discovery?

The study, which was published in the Journal of Physiology, found out that resveratrol could enhance your training and performance. If you are physically incapable of going to the gym or you simply don’t want to go since you prefer to visit the local pub instead, you do not have to be so guilty about it. According to the principal investigator for this research named Jason Dyck, drinking a glass of red wine that contains high amounts of resveratrol could provide the benefits you get when you work out.

Patients who may not be able to exercise could simply turn to drinking wine every day to get the benefits they want. This is also helpful for those who may not be religiously following their workout timetables due to hectic schedules, tiredness, or just laziness. There are two things you have to bear in mind though:

1. Only red wines count. If you are a fan of white wine, drinking this is not acceptable if you want to get the benefits of exercising for an hour at the gym. In fact, other alcoholic drinks are not valid either, so don’t get too excited and start drinking Chardonnay and others.

2. The study only recommends one glass of wine. Some may think they should chug a bottle every week to have equal benefits of four or several gym sessions. Supposing that there is a shortcut to this is absolutely wrong. In fact, the study wants you to drink one single glass of red wine every day only. Adding one or two more will not provide you with the same results as an extra hour at the gym – only more calories. These very insignificant restrictions should not distract you from the main point: that drinking a glass of red wine can improve your physical strength and performance.


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