The 4 Elements of The Universe

Everything in The Universe, everything around us, even you the one who is reading this, EVERYTHING is made out of energy. The only reason why you are different from the table in your leaving room is the different frequency of concentrated energy in one place.

Yes, this kind of description is a little oversimplified but it’s none the less true. We are all collections of energies with different frequencies creating a system through which consciousness is transmitted.

You see, The Universe is a GIANT MIND. Just like in our mind it is made of consciousness and sub consciousness and just like in our mind consciousness is a tiny fragment, a tip of the iceberg, from the larger picture of sub consciousness.

All that this GIANT MIND wants to achieve is to get to know itself and as more forms it takes to be transmitted through as deeper and bigger its sub consciousness becomes, that’s why The Universe is expanding.

However, just like psychologists find certain patterns in our mind, science and spirituality find certain patterns in this mind we are all a part of and no matter how much it expands, there are patterns and rules that apply anywhere in The Universe.

Wherever you are in The Universe The Energy it is made of is all the same, anywhere. There are 4 forms this energy takes and the flow between these forms is how The Universe works and improves itself.

Just like the 4 states of matter, gas; liquid; solid; and plasma; energy exists in different states. There are 4 elements of The Universe. We will call these states as the ancient Greeks called them, Air, Water, Earth and Fire.


Air is the state of energy we usually call Spirit or Frequency. If you take a moment and ask yourself “what is air really?” you’ll realize that what we actually address here is not Oxygen or CO2.

In fact when we speak of air we don’t think of any element on the periodic table. Air, simply, is the space between matter; The mold which creates the shape of “your cup”; the immaterial form of your CODE.

This state of energy is what shapes the geometry of your spirit where you’ll fill the mind into. If this energy ascends to a higher level the potential of the mind will also ascend to a higher level. That’s what we call Higher Consciousness.


Water is the state of energy we usually call Mind or Information. What is information? This is a question that gives headaches to a lot of scientists and philosophers. The most simplified answer is that information is a sequence of signals expressing a certain message. But what gives this message the meaning?

WE, the interaction between AM, The Lower Self, and I, our Higher Self give the meaning. Depending on what frequency of understanding we are tuned into the same information may mean different things on different levels of consciousness.

This state of energy is the connection between your body and your spirit; The impulses and signals between the sender and the receiver; The 1s and 0s between the hardware and the software. Water is what fills The Glass.


Earth is the state of energy we usually call Body or Form. If Air determines the Shape of the glass Earth is The glass. This state of energy is what scientists usually focus most on not seeing that it is actually ¼of The Whole. All of the particles building The Universe belong within this group, this state.

If The Universe is a painting this energy represents solely the material this painting is made of. However, we know that to make a painting first we need to have a vision in our own mind. The difference between The Painting and The Vision is the same as the difference between Air and Earth state of energy, between Spirit and Body.

This state of energy is the product, the outcome of creating and filling a void; The Hardware through which our spirit expresses and improves itself; The receiving Speaker that will play the song of our Higher Self.


Fire is the state of energy we usually call Heart or Emotion. Fire is the energy radiating from the glass. “Emotion” is short from Energy In Motion which means it is the state of energy that moves through matter. It radiates from the body becoming spirit again.

The main purpose of Frequency is to become Emotion through Information and Form. It is the highest form of spirit through which elevates on a higher level. If Air creates the geometry Water needs to fill to create Form which radiates Fire, Earth radiates Fire to become The Frequency Water will Fill. And if Earth is the collection of Air’s geometry, Fire is the collection of Water’s geometry.

This state of energy is the vibration, the sound between your body and spirit; The song your body plays which becomes an essence of spirit.

Source: lifecoachcode
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