The Primate Genocide Happening Right Now That The World Needs To Know About

The genocide of thousands of primates, as well as the destruction of some of the world’s most diverse and vital habitats is currently – and quietly – occurring.

Palm oil is something the majority of use will use every day.

It is an ingredient found in everyday products such as breadsticks, shampoos, toothpaste and chocolate.

Many of the household products we use utilize palm oil because it is cheap to source. However, it seems this cheap produce comes at a devastating cost.

In order to clear the way for palm oil plantations, vast expanses of untouched rainforests in countries like Borneo, Sumatra, Indonesia and Malasia, are being destroyed and levelled, at a scale and speed which is staggering.

Like many cases before this one, it is those without a voice – the poor, vulnerable and native residents, as well as the wildlife – which is paying the price. It is evident that the large companies simply do not care about the destruction homes, displacement of people and endangering of wildlife.

Deforestation workers are instructed to dispose of any wildlife which stands in their way – no matter how inhumane the process. Tragically, this involved running over orangutans with logging trucks.

In the past 20 years, 90% of the orangutan habitat has been destroyed. Just look at the pictures, it may not be nice to learn, but this destruction is something we all should be aware of.

If the deforestation continues at this pace, orangutans could be extinct within the next couple of years, with their jungle habitats being depleted entirely by 2035 – causing extreme consequences to our climate due to the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

There is something you can do, and it’s something we all should do.

Check the ingredients list of any of your household items that may include palm oil. If an item does include it, simply stop buying it and purchase an alternative that doesn’t use the ingredient.

And before you think you can live with it, palm oil is very bad for your heart, so it really doesn’t do you any favours.

If the demand for these product reduces, and the companies recognise the boycott (try writing a letter to them explaining why you’ve stopped using the product), then they will be left no choice but to either stop the use of palm oil in their products, or begin producing it in a sustainable system.

Some companies have already made the switch to sustainability, and it’s about time everyone else did too.

Source: “The Primate Genocide Happening Right Now That The World Needs To Know About,” from via

Video credit: GreenpeaceVideo
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