31 statements that can change your life

I would like to celebrate my 31st birthday by remembering 31 statements, that will stay in my life forever.

Statements simply work. Your body and even your feelings can be influenced by techniques, such as meditation, designed to enhance the mind.

Choose one different statement every day, for a month and say it all day. Convince yourself that statements are a way to harness the power of the mind. Love daily, love yourself, loves your life!

1. I am ready to change.

2. I accept and love myself just the way I am.

3. I attract amazing people.

4. I always deserve love.

5. I accept.

6. I can be easily loved by others.

7. People wait to love me and I accept that.

8. I radiate love.

9. I am happy being myself.

10. I show love to everyone around me.

11. I bay in unconditional love.

12. Love comes all the time within me.

13. I love myself.

14. Love comes easily to me.

15. I give and receive love easily and happily.

16. I create my own reality.

17. I trust me.

18. I only compare myself with my higher self.

19. I feel loved and appreciated by friends and family.

20. I freely express myself.

21. I give love and I get love.

22. I radiate love to all my friends, places and things.

23. I breathe love.

24. I am ready to receive love.

25. I am a radiant human being who waits to receive light and love.

26. I know that my wisdom will help me take the right decision.

27. I attract beloved people in my life.

28. I emanate love around me.

29. Happiness is a choice.

30. I like and approve myself.

31. The past has no effect on me.

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