The most wonderful things that life gives you for free

Start your life crying and finish it smiling! Accept the death, it is part of our life because we are only passengers in life’s train.

We often forget about our family and about all the wonderful thing in our life and become money slaves. What follows has nothing to do with money, they are just the gifts of life, and we receive them for free. Yes, we did evaluate, but have we done it in the right way?


We all know that there are many types of love. There is romantic love, parent to son love, friends love, pets love. But, when we talk about love we must think about everything that is around us. Love is a mixture of all these types of love. Why not to love my son as much as I love my wife? Only because of our love, he is now here with us. Why not to love my parent as much as I love my son, without them, he could not be here. Or what about our grandparents? And so on and so forth.

Until now we only had relatives as examples but why can we love just like this everyone who is around us? If you give love, you can also change people around you. Let’s imagine how wonderful it would be if there were only love around us. How would it be if instead of God or Allah it were the fierce of not to be loved?

The hug

In vain you have a family if you do not show that you love your family and a hug is always a good opportunity to show affection. During embrace oxytocin, the hormone of love, is released,. The embrace makes us lift mood and reduce stress. The embrace is an universal medicine. It lowers the risk of heart disease, lowers blood pressure, helps us to overcome our fears, heal and alleviate suffering, has a calming effect, serving, at the same time, to regulate the heartbeats
A simple hug can make this world a better place.

The dream

There is a scientifically proven bound between meditation and lucid dreaming. Frequent and profound meditation helps you realize you are dreaming. Meditation can have an impact on your life, it helps you get to the state of happiness, relaxation and understanding. It also helps you enter the state of consciousness. You have to train your brain waves for meditation. This is the key to learn how to meditate. The ultimate goal in Tibetan Dream Yoga is to understand the dream, then it dissolves completely. They can see the purest form of consciousness through deep meditation in a lucid dream because of lacking physical stimulus slept through the body and the mind stimulus of conceptual dream.

In previous articles we talked a little about lucid dreaming, astral travel, life’s beauty that we live for free.

The laugh

Laughter and humor approaches people. Laugh and smile can have a positive effect on your health. For example, let's take a look at a playground where children come on ... you do not see any angry child (of course only if another child took he’s toy), they are all smiling, and enjoy their lives .... while their parents sit on the sidelines filled with daily stress, throwing an occasional smile when they see a beautiful figure made by their children. Adults may also take the place of their children, going through life with a smile that does nothing else but bringing happiness and health. Even more, laughter and smiles are free! Laughter is an effective remedy for both mind and body, and it is a strong stress and pain atidot.

The meditation

The stress, which slowly but surely gets to capture as many people as it can, represents the basis of most diseases. Meditation helps you clear your mind eases your shoulders by the burden of problems and helps you see life differently. Also, meditation, helps you lower the anxiety levels, increase the concentration, the memory and the creativity. Is it enough?

I hope that you are all aware of the true wealth that we have and never moke with your life.

You get this life for free, do not come about to pay for it.

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