June 3, 2016 – The Mayan Calendar Is Off By 3 1/2 Years!

by Revelator Stargate,

The baktun is 144,000 days.

There are 13 baktuns in the Mayan Calendar.

144,000 days x 13 baktuns = 1,872,000 solar days

Now the Gregorian calendar solar year is 365.2425

The Julian calendar solar year is 365.25

The Haab Mayan calendar solar year is 365

1,872,000 days/365.2425 (Gregorian solar year) = 5125.36 years

1,872,000 days/365.25 (Julian solar year) = 5125.256 years

and then here is the big difference….

1,872,000 days/365 (Haab solar year) = 5128.76 years

Subtract 5128.76 years (Haab) from 5125.256 years (Julian) =


=3.504 year difference and that makes 1260 days

This would mean that Dec 8th, 2012 (Julian calendar) is actually May 21st, 2016 (Mayan Haab calendar). Dec. 8th, 2012 plus 1260 days = 5/21/2016

or Dec. 21st, 2012 (Gregorian) is actually June 3rd, 2016 (Mayan Haab calendar). Dec. 21st, 2012 plus 1260 days = June 3, 2016

They are not counting the days by true Mayan Haab 365 solar days but instead using the Gregorian and Julian solar days to arrive to the dates of Dec. 8th, 2012 (Julian) and Dec. 21st, 2012 (Gregorian) which shouldn’t have been done this way!

The Real Deal: How the Mayan Calendar Works

“The second calendar was the Haab’, or secular calendar, which lasted 365 days but did not account for the extra quarter-day it takes the Earth to revolve around the sun. (The modern calendar accounts for this fraction by adding a day to February every four years, the reason we have leap years.) That means the calendar wandered a bit in relation to the seasons.”
source: LiveScience

“Mayas’ Missing Leap Year

“The ancient Maya, famed for their elaborate and accurate calendar systems, observed two calendar years, but neither seemed to have bothered with a leap year.
“As far as we know, the people of Mesoamerica, the Maya included, didn’t care about leap years,” said Anthony Aveni, an expert in ancient Mesoamerican astronomy at Colgate University.
The Maya solar year of 365 days was central to the agricultural cycle, while their ritual year of 260 days was critical for determining auspicious dates.
These calendars were carefully designed to synchronize in 52-year cycles, but no effort was made to prevent “drifting” dates.
“They didn’t care if they didn’t have a white Christmas, or if their Fourth of July wasn’t in the summer, to put it in our terms,” Aveni explained.
The Maya instead placed priority on marking the passage of time through additional calendar systems such as the Long Count, which unfolds on a cycle more than 5,000 years long.
“Our philosophy about leap year is a complicated scheme to make the seasons jibe with the calendar,” Aveni said.
“They were more concerned that time should be unbroken, not interfered with, and that the count of time should have continuity,” he said.
“To break continuity would be to break order.”
source: National Geographic

Galactic Alignment

The Galactic Alignment is a cosmic phenomenon which takes place every 25,920 years when, during the winter solstice, our Sun is aligned with our galactic equator ~ our center of the galaxy. Over 25,000 years must pass so that our sun will be near the center of the galaxy, and then for our sun to perfectly align with the center of our galaxy 36 years are needed. Our sun entered the final phase of the alignment in 1980 and will finish this phase in 2016. This is a great significant cosmic phenomenon for mankind.”
source: WorldPeaceHarmony

In5D Addendum

Gregg Prescott, M.S.
Editor, In5D.com

While many people are calling 2016 a year of transformation, one must wonder about the accuracy of the initial Mayan Calendar end date of December 21st, 2012. The research above was provided by Revelator Stargate on the Graham Hancock Forum and presents some very interesting information.

Is it possible that the initial Mayan Calendar end date was misinterpreted?

Is the Galactic Alignment (at least somewhat) responsible for the current global awakening?

I find it interesting that religious zealots have also mentioned this date of June 3, 2016 in relation to the day the “Antichrist” returns:

The research for my previous book (End Times and 2019) leads me to conclude that the first three and a half years, although full of problems like earthquakes and wars and rumors of wars – will not be intense enough to make anyone assume the world is ending. Only the second three and a half years will clearly be “great tribulation.” That being said, the final seven years already began on December 21, 2012 – when plans were made for the “Covenant of Peoples” tour in Israel and the Mayan Long Count ended. When Daniel talks about a midpoint halfway through these seven years, I believe he is referring to June 2016. The duration of his first time period is repeated often using different phrases to avoid possible misinterpretation. “Time, times, and half a time” are considered to be three and a half years, or 42 months, or “1260 days” using 42 months of 30 days each. Adding Daniel’s next number of “1290 days” gets us within a few days of an exact seven years in total – but it still leaves us with an extra 3 days of darkness to add to each half to reach an exact seven years. The two witnesses will lie dead in the street for three days at the end of the second half. I believe the extra 3 days at the end of the first three and a half years can be explained by an assassination attempt on the Antichrist exactly 1260 days into Daniel’s 70th week on June 3, 2016. He will appear to be mortally wounded at first, but in a tragic mockery of Christ’s resurrection, he will rise fully healed 3 days later, and present himself at the site of the Temple in Jerusalem as God on earth on June 6, 2016.

The controllers seem to be pushing the “End Times” agenda through the literal playing out of Revelations in the bible, as evidenced by numerous engineered earthquakes, tsunamis, wars, false flags, viruses, etc.. While many people are buying into the mainstream media’s fear propaganda, many more are questioning the motives behind any news reported by the talking heads that we call “newscasters”.

In my opinion, the Mayans knew these times that we are living in were going to be extraordinary. Since the days leading up to 2012 and beyond, we have witnessed a mass awakening of consciousness unprecedented in human history.

Will June 3rd, 2016 be any different?

My opinion remains the same. My heart hopes that this will be a day of spiritual transformation but chances are, it’ll be just another day that will seemingly come and go, but when you look at the bigger picture, you’ll find a considerably relative significance in the continued overall awakening of humanity.

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