Tantra — Mastering The Art Of Spiritual Sexuality

A wide definition of lovemaking and an entire lifestyle based on the power of sexual energy, tantra is slowly becoming the new yoga. Its basic practices will greatly improve your relationship with your loved one.

It’s been referred to as the science of ecstasy. It’s seen as a path to enlightenment for those who practice it, heightening and prolonging the special awareness that exists and bringing creativity compassion and vitality to lovemaking.

What is Tantra?

Tantra is an ancient art of conscious loving and sacred sexuality. It recognizes sexual energy as a source of personal and spiritual empowerment. Its origins are in India and is closely related to Hinduism.

The idea is that sexual energy is the energy that animates life and, if we can tap into that source of power, we become better all-around people.

If you take the word “Tantra” apart, Tan means soul and Tra means getting closer. In a way, Tantra is the path to one’s essence.

While sexuality is a big part to Tantra, in truth, it’s an entire lifestyle. It’s one of the most powerful transformational tools that we have as human beings.

Tantra teaches how to take the aspect of sacred sexuality and bring it into every aspect of our lives so that we can manifest more beauty, more abundance and more health. It’s about expanding the love you have in your heart in the way that other people can share it.

The levels that people can go to when they start clearly communicating in the bedroom is huge. Once one raises to the level of high orgasmic state, they open up and reach enlightenment through sex.

The Basic Tantric Practice

Eye Gazing

Eye gazing is the simplest Tantric practice that can transform a relationship. They say the eyes are the mirror of the soul, so this exercise requires five minutes of silent eye gazing between the partners.

Try to avoid communication and coordinate the breathing. Often, couples being together for a very long time neglect this. It’s a beautiful method of harmonizing on a very profound level.


The Yab-Yum position is the perfect tantric position for lovemaking. This is a position where the man sits cross legged and the women straddles him.

It allows the women more stimulation and the men a better control. The Yab-Yum is a great place to meditate and connect your energetic lines.

You can also do it in a non-sexual context just as a way of bringing yourself into more harmony, or as a different approach to reduce conflict in the relationship.

The Third Eye Kiss

In Tantra, there is a whole system of working with energy (based on the Chakra system). There are seven centers, and the third eye is one of them.

The third eye is the space between your eyebrows. If you touch your foreheads together with your partner, you create a circuit of energy that runs through both of you.

If you are making love in the Yab-Yum position, there is a good chance that the sensation you feel in the lower parts of your body will reflect in your head.

Tantra is the New Yoga

Even though Tantra is a relatively new trend, I think it will continue to expend because people are constantly learning about sexuality and their bodies. That’s why the future of spiritual sexuality is bright.

Tantra is a system that will really call you into. It brings the same level of conscious awareness to your sexuality, as yoga does to your body. It takes sexuality from being something worth overcoming, to something that you will truly embrace it.

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