Why People Of This Tribe Live Over 100 Years And Don’t Know About Cancer?

Although ignored by the medicine, various kinds of herbs and natural remedies are known to act against cancer and other serious illnesses. Laetril, also called vitamin B17 is one of them. Health supplements containing this vitamin are not allowed for use. It is widely known that the people living in this modern society are more exposed to cancer than the primitive cultures. In Northern Pakistan there is a tribe called Hanza.

Existed for over 100 years and its members don’t know anything about cancer. Their secret is the previously mentioned B17. They consume 250 to 3.000 miligrams of B17 daily. They measure their wealth by the amount of apricot trees. Those members who own more apricot trees are considered wealthier since dry apricot seeds are rich in vitamin B17.

The biggest opponents of this natural cure against cancer are the so called protectors of the cancer industry. One of the rare doctors who has used vitamin B17 to treat his patients is Ernst. T. Kerbs (1912-1996). He has conducted a meticulous research on the influence of B17 on cancer patients and gathered important evidence for its promotion as a cure for cancer.

How vitamin B17 functions?

Vitamin B17 contains: one molecule benzaldehyde, one molecule hydrogen cyanide and two molecules of glucose. These molecules have to come in
contact with a special enzyme called beta-glucosidase in order to liberate benzaldehyde which is frequently found in cancer cells.

The development of cancer cells is conditioned by large amount of energy or glucose. Cancer cells absorb glucose molecule with the intake of
B17. Benzaldehyde and cyanide of vitamin B17 are released with beta-glucosidase enzyme and they destroy the infected cells.

The Vitamin B17 is extremely lethal to cancer cells and nontoxic for the healthy cells because of the high concentration of beta-glucosidase enzymes.

Cyanide and benzaldehyde are considered as toxic elements but they don’t have any toxic effects if they are combined with glucose molecules in vitamin B17.

Recommended daily dose

Five to seven seeds a day is the recommended dose for taking prevention. The patients should take 1 to 2 seeds every hour , but no more than 35 seeds a day. The weight divided by three gives the maximum dose of apricot seeds one needs to consume on a daily basis.

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