10 Best Natural Cancer Cures That Have Saved Thousands of Lives

Although cancer is considered a complex disease, it is important to realize that cancer is actually present because of rapid growth of cancerous cells. That leads to weakening of the immune system and increasing the amount of toxic substances in the body.

Evidence obtained from relevant researches has shown that there are hundreds of known and effective drugs against this disease. Here are some simple and cheap medicines that can do wonder in the treatment of cancer.

Baking Soda

Taking one teaspoon of baking soda and lemon juice in 250 ml water, few times a day will successfully lowers acidity in the body.

It is required to lower acidity levels in our bodies. Because cancer cells don’t grow in an alkaline environment.

Sanguinaria Canadensis (bloodroot)

The important alkaloid Sanguinarin is contained in this seasonal herb. He doesn’t destroy the healthy cells and has great capacity to destroy cancerous cells.

It is used orally and externally against skin cancer and also helps in fightint against other forms of cancer.

Inonotus obliquus, commonly known as chaga mushroom

This is a fungus whose healing effect has been studied for years. It was revealed that it has the capacity to modulate the immune system and has anti-carcinogenic properties.

Vitamin D

Monitoring the amount of vitamin D in the blood can help to prevent cancer and also it can help a lot in the battle against cancer.

In 2006 one study has revealed that small amounts of vitamin D reduce the survival rate in patients with cancer, particularly in patients who are in postmenopausal period.

Potion of Essiac Tea

The original recipe is very old which natives Indians used it hundreds of years ago.

A Canadian nurse found this recipe from them and began to prescribe it to patients who are fighting cancer.

After taking Essiac tea for a while they have started to recover quickly.

This tea is a mix of few diverse anticancer plants and plants that remove toxins from our body. That is all that a patient who suffers from cancer needs. All they need to do is to consume Essiac tea few times a day.

Flaxseed Oil and young unpressed cheese

Doctor Joanna Budvig from Germany, biochemist and a doctor, is a woman who has conceived treating cancer naturally with a 90 % healing rate, curing method that she has practiced for 50 years.

The combination of young unpressed cheese and flaxseed oil supplies the body with lipoproteins and necessary fatty acids that cut down the tumor and rebuild the balance of the body.

Oil of Cannabis – Cannabis sativa

Cannabis oil contains important cannabinoids which kill the cancerous cells. Just like other herbs they don’t destroy the healthy cells.

In many studies and researches it is confirmed and discovered the crucial role of cannabis oil in the treatment of many cancers.


85 percent of the world population have very low ammounts of iodine in our body. Because of this, increases the quantity and production of estrogen in the body.

Therefore we often have to check the amount of iodine in the blood. (this check is important because doesn’t allow estrogen to create a mutation of the cells which leads to increased ability of creation of a tumor or cyst)

Apricot seeds

Dry apricot seeds contain important vitamin B17, also called laetril, which fights against cancer and against growth of cancer cells.

There is one tribe in Pakistan which they have never heard about cancer because they have planted many apricot trees and they eat everyday apricot seeds.

Broccoli stems

This vegetable has anticancer properties, and was demonstrated that the broccoli stems have a hundred times more protein than other similar vegetables.

They contain sulforaphane which reduces spreading and growth of cancer cells in the body and also kills them and this action is shown in many cancers.

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