Do you see a rabbit or a duck and what does this say about you!

This is a very famous optical illusion which may be seen in two ways: as a duck or as a rabbit.

Which one do you see first? It doesn’t really matter…

And, when you see one can you see the other?

And now the most important question – how fast can you switch between the two visions.

Many people at first sees the duck and they may switch between the two versions, but the question is: how fast you can switch from one to other version?

Do you need some mental effort or you can do it very easy?

The most early version of this photo dates from 1892 from Fliegende Blattera, a German humorous magazine, and later the photo was popularized by Ludwig Wittgenstein, who included it in his work Philosophical debates as a mean for describing two different ways of looking at things: I see that / I see it as.

The photo actually doesn’t change but our visual experience changes. Terms such as “duck” and “rabbit” make the brain create different images from a single picture.

Psychologist and author Richard Wiseman came to a conclusion that the ability for moving between the two visions refers to creativity.

It has been concluded that examiners who can easy switch between images are more creative than the ones who had difficulties switching.

He claims that that moment when you switch the vision between duck and rabbit is as a short flash of the creative mind. It’s like seeing the world with different eyes.

Highly creative people very often use this talent for finding new objects or finding a connection between two unrelated things.

How fast can you switch?

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