The Biggest Conspiracy Of All

by Max Igan

When people look at the world today, it can sometimes just be downright depressing. There’s just no other word for it. And isn’t it interesting how rapidly the world has changed and become this way over the last few years? It really has happened quite quickly. One minute we were free and most were looking forward to a bright future, then, somehow we found ourselves in the world of today where our governments are completely out of control, our police have been militarized, Europe is falling apart, and everyone has for the most part, been duped by mainstream propaganda into spending most of their time looking over their shoulder wondering if the guy next to them on the bus is a ‘terrorist’. Of course in among these questioning masses are those awakened and newly awakening individuals who know perfectly well who the real terrorists are, namely government, and who can see through the facade of the currently predominant fear campaign. Yet even most awakened people still remain perplexed and frustrated in their efforts to finding any remedy to this situation.

Upon awakening and discovering the world is not what they first thought it to be, a great many people typically begin looking into the workings of the system and are led into a rabbit hole of endless conspiracy theories, some of which are true, most of which are purposefully manufactured noise, and ultimately, they end up in a state of confusion, frustration or worse, with most then becoming lost in their ongoing quest for someone to blame. As if pointing the finger at someone and shouting “You!” is actually going to change anything. But this generally seems to be the way with human nature, we look for someone else to blame for getting us into this mess, and then we demand someone else fix it.

We do this because generally, people have been very effectively programmed into accepting two very false and in fact, two diametrically opposed realities, as being true. On one hand we view ourselves as all important, the king of one’s own castle as it were, and demand we be served by others in a timely manner and to our satisfaction; we deem ourselves somewhat above the common workers we may employ for whatever particular task – while on the other hand we see ourselves as being insignificant little people who cannot really make a difference in the world and must look to others more wise, or place our faith in leaders to miraculously lead us to a better world. In fact it is this very attitude, this bizarre combining of two completely false realities into one that has led mankind to our current predicament.

Life is an incredible thing. It is a melting pot of expression and wondrous diversity whereby human potential is only limited by people’s belief, or lack of belief, in their own abilities and by the limits they place upon themselves. I mean sure, there may be financial barriers we all face regarding the completion of some project or other, but on a deeper level, as a species, as a society, as the expressions of creation each of us ultimately are, we place limits on our potential due to our beliefs of what our potential is and by our belief and understandings of what is and is not possible. In this manner, we imposed our own limitations upon our potential.

Much of the time such limitations are the result of programming, the adapting of someone else’s belief that has been superimposed over our own. And we call this education. It is the education, or lack of it, that we have received that has ultimately led us to this point because modern education is in fact little more than indoctrination and training. It has been this training that has led us to believe we are both, all important, and ultimately insignificant and inconsequential, at the very same time.

The catalyst that holds the programming together is the subtle use of fear throughout the entire education system. The class system, peer group pressure, fear of failure, exams, the grading system, the separation into age groups, the different grouping systems – alpha, delta etc, the relentless respect for authority that is drummed into the children… All are class based, all are designed as mechanisms of division and control, and all use fear as the catalyst in order for them to work.

This use of fear as a catalyst and the subtle subliminal programming into the combining and acceptance of two completely opposing realities into one, quite naturally creates a huge schism in the psyche of the individual. And it’s easy to make a play for more control from that point forward. The more powerless the individual feels in the face of an ever more monstrous and overbearing system, the more desperate and fanatical one becomes in their attempts to maintain a sense of power and control over their own individual space. Thus the more isolated each becomes from their families, friends and peers and thus the social divide also continually widens between individual families. And of course via the use of a debt based monetary system purposely designed to place people in a never ending state of self-generating debt, no matter how successful one becomes within the parameters of the system, the fear always remains. A fear of loss, of shortage, of insecurity like a leaking faucet, slowly dripping somewhere in the back of one’s mind.

Divide and conquer is the motto, and mankind has been farmed almost to perfection… almost.

I say almost because now, at last, the veil is lifting and people are beginning to realize the truth. They are now beginning to see how they have been played and they are starting to realize that their attention to matters of state is required. But again, to what end? And as usual, they ask themselves, “But what can one little person do?” Well, the first thing one must do, is drop the “I’m just a little person” programming. Stop selling yourself short. All that exists within our entire society is “little people”. All have equal value and all have equal potential for creative thought. It is thoughts that have created this mess, thoughts turned into action and everyone has that same potential.

The problem is that via the programming most have received, they have lost connection to their true self and are, for the most part, unaware of their own potential. They are constrained by the limitations defined by their programming and they are constrained by fear.

Yes, life is an incredible thing but it is fleeting gift. What is important is what one does with it. What legacy has been left behind? Has reality been improved or impaired by your time spent here? And as it is but a fleeting moment, what is there to really fear? As far as fear goes, on one hand people are generally in fear for their own personal security, while on the other, of the overwhelming and seemingly insurmountable power of the machine. They forget that the machine, the system, is a cloud, it’s a fiction created by mankind, the result of thought turned into action and that we all have the ability to create something different if we choose to step back into our humanity and view things from a more human perspective.

Ultimately, the machine may look like this all pervasive, all powerful organism but the reality is that is just people. People like you or I who turn their thoughts into action. Our problem is that when we attempt to address our grievances towards it we do battle against the action, we do not confront the people within the machine who thought to put the action in motion. And again, we do this as the result of programming.

Most people have this deep seated respect for authority and the written word. This is what has made the legal system so effective. People will do the wrong thing when they know it’s wrong due to the power of the written word. They will step outside of their moral compass believing they have no choice other than to do so, simply because another man or woman wrote it on paper and claimed it to be “law”. In this manner and via this training we have allowed ourselves to be misled, stolen from, controlled, corralled, impoverished and enslaved. We have allowed unprecedented destruction of our habitat in the name of corporate profit for a small handful of people who control things at the top. We have allowed endless wars, human rights abuses and discarding of millions upon millions of beautiful human beings, each of equal value and equal potential to be discarded, murdered or simply forgotten, all due to our subservience and obedience to the written word. It is also the written word that has convinced us that the conspirators at the top of the pyramid are all powerful, that all opposition to them is impossible and controlled, when nothing could be further from the truth. The real conspiracy is that there is any such thing as “little people”.

The real truth is, that those at the top are just people too. People who had an idea and put that idea into action. Of course they are presented to the masses by the media as “celebrities” and as being untouchable while you are kept on the treadmill of having to pay to be alive, always living on the edge of scarcity and finding your pleasures often vicariously through their lives rather than your own and so you never really have the time to realize your own potential. Yet deep inside, most people know it’s there. They know they have value and they know this system is wrong, but they know not how to change things.

Change will come when people realize their own perfection, and learn to respect themselves enough to see that same perfection in others. What will it take? Perhaps some kind of worldwide epiphany, who knows. Hopefully it will happen simply by those who are awakened to keep spreading information to others in a manner that will resonate. When that happens, we will stop seeing government as this all powerful thing, and see it as people. Employees who are all standing in abuse of the offices they have been appointed, and when that realization really hits home, we will change the world in a day.

Perhaps it’s simply time we all grew up.

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