The Evolution Will Not Be Televised

It’s a very powerful time in history, where our world view is shifting drastically. Awareness seems to be an integral reason as to why we are all starting to wake up. Whether it’s social, cultural, or spiritual – humanity is starting to find a greater understanding of our individual purpose and intentions. The revolution is percolating among our social media news feeds. Lazy activism is escaping the online forum, and becoming active protest. Civil unrest is the driving factor perpetuated by the media’s negative approach.

The last hundred years is the culmination of a progressive period that took a wrong turn. Our progress as a species became arrogant, and technological advancements became tainted by industrial complex. Luxury and freedom are words abused through marketing to help further consumerism and manipulate the desires of mankind. The media disguised class war, as race war to distance us from truth. Society will reach it’s tipping point, and the culmination of a new perspective will rise to become popular opinion.

These are the signs of a revolution, and it’s happening right in front of us. The traditions we’ve developed over the last century are dying slowly, while the institutions and standards set are collapsing. Wars are being fought, with no end result. Out of this chaos will come order, and a new renaissance will emerge.

Turn off your T.V. and submerge yourselves in artistic and creative endeavors to escape. Violence and rage is for those unable to express themselves. Acting out negatively, will do nothing. Now is the time for expression beyond our social media platforms. Promoting and speaking about negative topics only spreads the fear we are inflicting upon each other. Words are weapons, just as, “the pen is mightier than the sword”. Do something that will make a positive impact on the future of our species. The energy of your being has a lot to do with shaping your environment and those you share it with. Vibe high, and rise above.

Be the spark that lights the friction. Be legendary in your daily life. Impact each conversation and interaction with positivity, love, and sensitivity. Become the light in the attic. Embody the message that has been hidden in scripture. The light is within each and everyone one of us. There is only one human race, and it is time to embrace the change.

The time is now, and doing is being.

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