The Most Powerful Natural Antibiotic Ever – Kills Any Infections in The Body

Today, people usually spend loads of money on various antibiotics to cure different infections in the body. But, there’s a better way – the Master Tonic, which can cure most infections and diseases, as well as having a detoxifying effect for the body. We’re going to display some of its ingredients and their benefiting effects below.

Onion is a vegetable which was always considered as a powerful diuretic and antibiotic, with anti-inflammatory properties. It’s used in fighting cold, flu and stopping cough. However, its most important substance is quercetin, which prevents heart attack.

Garlic has powerful antibacterial and antibiotic properties. It’s best used in fighting cold, flu and vs. gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. The best part about garlic is that it doesn’t destroy the good bacteria which we have in our bodies, like the antibiotics do. On a contrary, it increases the good and destroys the bad bacteria.

Ginger is a good natural way to fight bacteria and strengthen your immune system. It serves as a regulator for high blood pressure, asthma and helps with fever and cold.

Organic unfiltered apple cider vinegar has high antioxidant, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It also helps with digestion.

Horseradish is a herb with strong anti-parasitic and antibacterial properties, stimulating your immune system. It also clears the pathways in the lungs and sinuses. It’s not advisable for diabetics, though.

Hot Peppers are a natural decongestant and can warm you up, which is a nice addition to your immune system.

Master Tonic Recipe

Ingredients (all must be organic and fresh):

• 1 piece of chopped garlic
• 1 piece of grated horseradish root
• 1 piece of chopped hot peppers (habanero, jalapeño, cayenne, serrano etc.)
• 1 piece of chopped white onion
• 1 piece of grated ginger root
• 1 gallon of raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar


1. Chop and grind all the ingredients;
2. Fill a glass jar at around ¾ full with the equally assorted ingredients above. Any jar-size is suitable;
3. Fill the top of the jar with the apple cider vinegar completely;
4. Shake the closed jar so you can mix everything together;
5. Store the mixture in a dark and dry place and shake the jars once per day for 2 weeks;
6. Place a strainer over a bowl covered with cheesecloth;
7. Put the liquid into the strainer and pressing with a plate to ensure there’s no moisture coming out of it;
8. Use a funnel to pour the draught into amber bottles.

Using the Master Tonic

The tonic is very spicy and strong and isn’t very tasty, but you’ll get many health benefits from it. When in top form and want to use it just to improve your immune system, drink 1-2 ounces two or more times per day. Put the mixture in your mouth, gurgle and swallow, without mixing it with water, because the effect will be much lower.

When feeling sick you may use the tonic 5-6 times per day. The tonic is also safe for pregnant women and children, but in smaller doses.

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