Are We Becoming a Nation of Zombies?

We all fear the Zombie Apocalypse without realizing that we are the ones who have not only brought the Apocalypse upon, but are actually living in it happily without any realization.

If we stop for a moment to ask ourselves the last time when we did something productive for the things that are happening around us, we would fail to find a single instance of the sort.

Doing is difficult; we, as a nation, have stopped questioning as well.

Zombie in its simplest of forms is defined as someone who lacks brain, is destructive and does what the masses are doing. Don’t we all have turned into one because of our lack of introspection, inability to annihilate the ego, and blindly following the masses?

The need is to identify the specific areas that we can actually work on to be counted as humans again.

The following points describe our resemblance to Zombies. You have to take a decision for yourself in the end, so stay prepared!

1. Free but Enslaved

Every human is born free and will stay free. We all have grown up listening to these motivational speeches. But are we free in the true essence?

Freedom comes with one’s ability to think and choose whatever they desire to, with responsibility. However, in a free market culture, we are not able to detract ourselves from the mainstream.

There is war between what the society demands and what we actually want to do.

Ironically, the two never coincide at any point. On the other extreme, if we do think for ourselves, then that is too without responsibility. This leads towards a selfish way of life where someone’s gain is another person’s loss.

2. Intellectually Crippled

There are two types of people in the world: the intellectuals and the delusionals.

Intellectuals are those who know how little they actually know. But, the only thing delusionals don’t know is how little they actually know.

This makes the delusionals worse than the illiterates of a society. Isn’t that zombie-like behavior?

Openness to new knowledge and experiences is extremely important for a nation to prosper and compete in the fast moving world. But, if the drivers of the nation are consumed by their vague judgments and opinions, it is nearly impossible for a nation to thrive.

3. Socially Connected, yet Alone

It has now become a norm for every individual to be a part of social media. There is no denial of its role in a nation’s progress, but it has taken away the essence of all the relationships.

If you will pay attention to the way zombies are portrayed in your favorite movies or dramas, they always seem to be sticking together, yet so detached from each other.

The social media platforms are so engaging that no one is left with much time to do other things they enjoy.

According to a research by one of the leading Psychiatric institutions in the world, the present generation is as lonely as any psychotic patient admitted to a mental hospital.

The important thing is to ponder over the real reason of this loneliness despite being connected to everyone, all the time.

4. Following the Masses

One thing that can be diagnosed as the core reason for all the problems is that individuals have stopped thinking about and for themselves.

They have shut down their thinking faculties and try to blindly follow whatever they are being presented with.

Numerous “revolutions” have taken place in this century for the benefit of the few. People joined the cause without actually understanding the bigger scenario. This attitude is highly injurious for the stability of the nation and the individuals.


The point here is to make you realize the importance of being your own leader. That can only be done if you start thinking for yourself first.

You need to understand yourself in order to understand your surroundings. Introspection and taking personal responsibility seem like the only options available to come out our zombie state.

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