3 Important Signs That Reveal Your Past Life

Have you ever thought you could have lived in another time? I know the thought does come up quite often, the idea that our soul does reincarnate goes back to teachings at least 3000 years ago. The past life topic can be found in many cultures and traditions of Greece, Celtic Druids and India.

What do you believe? Do you believe that your soul has gone through many past life events, growing up, working, loving and even suffering in various roles very different from the one you are playing out now?

People who believe in past lives say there are clues as to what our past life may have been in the various elements that make up our current emotional, physical, intellectual and psychological personalities. Here are some of them you might go through revealing your past life.

Déjà Vu

Many of us have experienced the eerie feeling of déjà vu, you know that sudden surprising feeling that the event we are going through has happened before, but you could never remember where it happened. Psychologist Arthur Funkhouser has broken this down into categories.

Deja vecu: An event that has already happened and lived through.

Deja senti: Something already felt, it’s mostly triggered by music or voice.

Deja visite: A place you feel familiar with, like you have been there before.

Weird Memories

Some people had childhood memories of events that their family and friends know never really happened. Could it be possible they are remembering a past life event?

Research shows that human memory is fraught with error and incongruities, I am sure many of us had memories of things that family and friends can attest never happened. So the question is, is it just faulty memory or are we remembering events that have happened in our past life?

Dreams and Nightmares

In recent research, psychologist’s have shown that dreams and nightmares are also part of our past life memories. I have experienced this type of recurring dream. The location and event occurs many times in a year and yet they are places I have never been to.

The same can be said for nightmares, they are reflections of past life traumas that have clung deep into our spirits and often haunt our sleep.

Are you having fears and phobias and wonder why you have them? Maybe you fear spiders, snakes, and heights…they are built into our human psyche as part of our survival instinct.

Many of us suffer from phobias that are completely irrational. Some people fear water, birds, numbers, mirrors, plants… the list goes on and on. Some people suffer all kinds of bizarre phobias.

Some years on the psychologist’s couch may get you to the root of those fears, however if you believe in past lives, it will make you wonder if those fears are carried over from another lifetime.


There are memories, dreams, visions and fears that could be from our past lives. We’re going about our life without realizing that events have happened, some of them we can feel, see and still experience now. Having dreams, being in a place or having a déjà vu may allow our soul to remember events from the past.

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