Do You Want To Attract Money Into Your House? Here’s a Simple Trick!

If you want to introduce some positive energy and prosperity into your home, this house plant may be just what you need. According to Feng Shui, anyone who has Crassula at home is believed to be on the right path towards good fortune as this plant is thought to bring money in its owner’s house.

Aside from a tree that gets thick with age, this plant has fleshy, glossy and smooth leaves, which are jade green in color. New stems that grow have the same texture and color as the leaves; however, they turn brown and woody after some time.

In terms of care, this plant has very low maintenance. If planted in a larger pit, it can grow quite big. As with most house plants, Crassula also asks for a lot of sunlight, so if you want it to thrive, place it somewhere with a lot of sunshine. On the other hand it has very low water requirements, so if you continually water it, it may start to die. The best time to water it is when the soil in the pot has become dry. In winter, you only need to maintain the soil damp.

This old Chinese philosophy recommends that the best place for this plant in your house is the right side from the main entrance to your house. It should also be facing north.

Apart from being linked to fortune and prosperity, Crassula is believed to contain ethereal oils as well as to have positive effects on both mental and physical energy in people.

The well-rooted, vibrant energy coming from new growth is what accounts for the energy of the Feng Shui plants to attract money.

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