Grounding & Earthing: What Is It and Why Do It?

As I write this post I am mindfully aware that I am feeling extremely tired. I have a headache again this morning and a tad bit of a bad attitude. What is going on? Then it dawned on me that because of continuous rain I have been trapped indoors for too many days. I have allowed the levels of toxicity to overload my energetic field. I have had no grounding…no release.

When the mind, body and spirit collect entirely too much unwanted debris, we become stressed beyond imagination. I am speaking of being surrounded by negative and draining people, technological devices (TVs, phones, computers) with their emitted electromagnetic waves, and chemicals in the air we breathe and the food we ingest.

Any or all of the above mentioned can take its toll if we do not continually cleanse our aura and reestablish balance. Just like the same principle of why we ground electrical outlets to avoid the build up of excess positive charge, our bodies need and require the same grounding effect. This is acquired through the technique of Earthing.

When we have direct contact with Mother Earth, our bodies absorb the negatively charged electrons and restores our electric energy levels to that of the Earth.

What Is “Grounding” or “Earthing?”

For the health of the mind, body and spirit we must utilize the practice known as “Grounding” or “Earthing.” Grounding/Earthing describes the act of going outside and connecting with nature by placing your bare skin (feet, hands, body) directly on Mother Earth—making contact with the grass, dirt, sand, ocean water, etc. These are all naturally conductive materials that help ground the body and remove excess positive electrons.

Engaging with this method on a daily basis is highly recommended. Five to fifteen minutes per day will do you wonders. It is an acceptable amount of time to start with but ‘bare’ in mind, in order to encourage balance and alignment, the longer you stay outside the better.

Walk around and absorb the energy. Fresh air in your lungs, the grass between your toes, the swaying limbs of the sycamore trees, a large stone to sit upon, and ultimately experiencing the serenity of a sacred space. It is just you and the Mother. A reconnection to source.

Life really is all about balance. One of the easiest, most inexpensive and accessible methods to implement into your routine is Grounding/Earthing.

How To Practice Grounding or Earthing

Go outside and take off your shoes. Find a quiet and clean spot to directly connect with Mother Nature. You may stand still, walk around or sit on a tree stump or stone. Breathe the fresh air—Inhale positivity through your nose and exhale negativity through your mouth. With bare feet to your chosen surface (this could be dirt, sand, rock, grass, or water) visualize yourself extending roots deeply into the Earth. Imagine this as if you were electrical device plugging yourself into an outlet to charge. Feel the subtle increase in your vibration. Gather strength from her core. Acknowledge your oneness with the source. Release to the Mother all of your accumulated burdens. Absorb her healing energy and allow it to regenerate your soul. Be open to receiving the gift of Grounding.

Beneficial Effects of Grounding/Earthing

1) Increases Energy

2) Reduces Stress

3) Improves Mood and Promotes Calmness

4) Reduces Chronic Pain and Inflammation

5) Improves Sleep

6) Speeds Healing

7) Protects the Body from EMF’s

8) Improves Blood Flow and Cardiovascular Health

9) Supports Overall Health

10) Reduces Muscle Soreness

Scientific Research on Grounding/Earthing

A 2004 study was conducted by Ghaly and Teplitz entitled, “The biologic effects of grounding the human body during sleep as measured by cortisol levels and subjective reporting of sleep, pain, and stress.“ Results indicate that grounding the human body to earth (“earthing”) during sleep reduces night-time levels of cortisol and resynchronizes cortisol hormone secretion more in alignment with the natural 24-hour circadian rhythm profile. Changes were most apparent in females. Furthermore, subjective reporting indicates that grounding the human body to earth during sleep improves sleep and reduces pain and stress.

A 2015 study was conducted by Oschman, Chevalier, and Brown entitled, “The effects of grounding (earthing) on inflammation, the immune response, wound healing, and prevention and treatment of chronic inflammatory and autoimmune diseases.” Multi-disciplinary research has revealed that electrically conductive contact of the human body with the surface of the Earth (grounding or earthing) produces intriguing effects on physiology and health. Specifically, grounding an organism produces measurable differences in the concentrations of white blood cells, cytokines, and other molecules involved in the inflammatory response.

A 2013 study was conducted by Chevalier, Sinatra, Oschman, and Delany entitled, “Earthing (grounding) the human body reduces blood viscosity-a major factor in cardiovascular disease.” Grounding increases the surface charge on RBCs and thereby reduces blood viscosity and clumping. Grounding appears to be one of the simplest and yet most profound interventions for helping reduce cardiovascular risk and cardiovascular events.

A 2012 study was conducted by Chevalier, Sinatra, Oschman, Sokal, and Sokal entitled “Earthing: health implications of reconnecting the human body to the Earth’s surface electrons.” This study found that current research on Earthing suggests that a disconnect from Earth may be a major contributor to physiological dysfunction and unwellness. Reconnection with the Earth’s electrons has been found to promote intriguing physiological changes and subjective reports of well-being.

A 2015 study by Chevalier entitled, “The effect of grounding the human body on mood,” found that pleasant and positive moods statistically significantly improved among grounded-but not sham-grounded-participants. It is concluded that the 1-hr. contact with the Earth improved mood more than expected by relaxation alone.

A 2015 study by Brown, Chevalier and Hill entitled, “Grounding after moderate eccentric contractions reduces muscle damage” found that grounding produced changes in creatine kinase (CK) and complete blood counts that were not shared by the sham-grounded group. Grounding significantly reduced the loss of CK from the injured muscles indicating reduced muscle damage.

FYI—I just went outside for 15 minutes in the drizzling rain. Not ideal conditions but it worked. Besides getting wet and a little dirty, I feel GREAT! I’ll take that medicine versus two Tylenol any day. Now, off to the shower.

About the Author

Kaylee is a co-founder of Mind Body Spiritual Awareness. She has been mindfully aware of and practicing her psychic abilities since she was a child. Led by her spirit guides, Kaylee has obtained a vast wealth of knowledge and experience with the ethereal realm and alternative modalities of energy healing. She applies various techniques with clients such as Intuitive Reading, Aura Cleansing, Chakra Balancing, Sound and Crystal Therapy, Meditation, Reiki, Shamanic Counseling and Spiritual Life Coaching.

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