One Of The Most Healing Plants That is Often Destroyed

Nettle has been used for centuries to treat allergy symptoms. It contains active compounds that reduce inflammation. This plant is coated with betrothed needles which serve as a protection from animals, pests and everything that can damage it. According to Swedish scientist Abbe Kuenzi, if the neetles didn`t have the stings, they would have long disappeared from the face of the earth. Animals and insects would have eaten it long ago.

All parts of the nettle (roots, stems, leaves and flowers) have healing properties.
“Once I gave a tip to a mother of 7 children, who since her last birth suffered from headaches and eczema, to drink nettle tea. In a short time she got rid of the eczema and headaches. Since the eczema has an internal reason, it should be treated by taking herbs that can clean the blood, “says Kuenzi.

He also adds: “ Nettle is the best plant for cleaning and improving the blood. Positive effect on the pancreas can help to reduce blood sugar. Nettle treats the urinary infection and stimulates the bowel. Therefore, nettles are recommended as part of the spring cleansing of the body.

In herbal medicine, nettle tea is used for liver disease and bile, for sleep disorders, in tumors of the spleen, for stomach cramps, ulcers, lung disease and so on. The tea should be consumed for four weeks. Do not brew the tea, as this will destroy the precious ingredients. You can drink one cup of nettle tea each day throughout the year prevention. The nettle is also beneficial in viral and bacterial infections.

If you have low iron levels in the body and you feel tired and useless, nettle is what you need? Nettle contains a lot of iron, and is successfully used in anemia. After some time, again you will feel full of energy and health.

If you`re anemic and in addition to the lack of iron, you have stomach, gall bladder problems and suffered from headaches, we recommend the nettle tea. The nettle tea will help you after some time. You should turn your whole family to this natural way of healing.”

Nettle tea has diuretic properties so it can be used in dropsy. It builds the blood and in combination with other herbs it can be used to treat leukemia.

This plant grows almost everywhere and blossoms from spring to fall. Greeks still use it against rheumatic pains. It also stimulates the secretion of digestive juices and metabolism of fats. It is loaded with chlorophyll, minerals such as potassium, iron and phosphorus, and vitamins C and A. the root of the plant can be used against hair loss. Due to its great amount of iron, it helps the formation of red blood cells.

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