10 Most Toxic And Dangerous Foods That Cause Cancer Which Should Never ‘’Get In Your Mouth’’

There are many ingredients that have unique shape and that makes them very unrecognizable and it makes them even hard for your body to deal with them. They are loaded with fixing made from man and that is the reason for its unique shape. It was revealed by group of studies that if you consume this food it can cause serious damage to your health.

This article will show you 10 of those foods.

1. Sugar – Maybe the biggest threat for the human health from the ingredients. It is the main reason of obesity and diabetes and it is really bad for the pancreas, liver and the whole digestive system. Remember that you should avoid industrial sugar not natural, natural sugars are beneficial if they are consumed in normal amounts. Those natural sugars can be found in many fruits and honey.

2. Margarine – Trans-fats that cannot be processed by our body are contained in the margarine. Margarine increases the level of cholesterol and that is why it is causing damage to the blood vessels. What creates toxic burden to our system are industrial foods (foods that are not natural) and experts recommends avoiding fake butter margarines and as a substitute to consume some natural foods.

3. Canned soups – They are confused with healthy foods but in fact they are full with salt and that is what makes them not so healthy for the human health. Cans of soup usually contains up to 890 mg of sodium and that is actually the full daily needed dose. The body retains water when your body has more sodium that it needs and that is increasing the blood pressure and puts stress on the heart and then heart attacks can happen.

4. Potato crisps – They come along with high amount of salt and fat and we already mentioned what can great amounts of sodium do to the body. This is so because potato crisps are exposed to high temperature and then foods form acrylamide and can be carcinogen.

5. Processed meat – What can lead to cancer is nitrates that are found in the processed meat because when absorbed they are turned into nitrites and then nitrosamine is formed and that chemical is the reason if cancer occurs. Also processed meats are full with sodium too.

6. Sodas – They do not have any positive effect for the human health, they are only causing damage because they are full with sugar and chemicals. Your body will be longing for more and more sugar when consuming high amounts of soft drinks because they trap the cerebrum into thinking that the body is ingesting sugar and that affects the digestion system.

7. Fast food – The name says it all – this food is prepared in a fast way and that is the real reason why it is bad for the human health. Fast foods come along with highly processed meat, saturated fat and sodium.

8. Donuts – What is the big threat for your heart and what can have impact on your body shape are the ingredients that are used to prepare donuts. They are: white flour, white sugar and trans-fat.

9. Flour – Many people do not know that flour influences the body the same as sugar. You should avoid flour because it will cause imbalance of the insulin levels and it will put pressure to the pancreas.

10. Milk – We kept this for the last with reason, because many people won’t believe this because we hear from our parents and grandparents from very young age that milk is needed in order to be strong and to have healthy bones. We are losing the ability to digest lactose which is the main component of milk is what Patrick Holford claims and because of that it is causing bloating, inflammatory illness and provides acidic environment in the body.

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  1. Are you sure milk can cause cancer? I am still in doubt because everyone in our family is taking milk since childhood & didn't found anything wrong in it.
    Food Poison Detection


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