THIS Is Why You Should Always Have A Needle In Your Pocket !

It may sound strange to you, but according to one Chinese professor, you should always have a needle in your house. The reason is that a needle can save a patient’s life in case of a stroke.

Saving a man from a stroke with the help of a needle is an amazing and unconventional way. Make sure to read this article because who knows, you may end up saving someones life with this method.

Having a stroke means that the capillaries of the brain gradually tear, the brain doesn’t get enough oxygen which causes his brain cells to die. This requires immediate medical help!

Here are some tips how to react in this kind of situation and save someone from a stroke:

If you find yourself in such situation, it’s important to stay calm and not to move the person who is having a stroke. The best thing is to use a medical needle, but if you don’t have that type, a simple needle will help.

Before using it, keep the needle above a fire, lighter or a candle in order to sterelize it. Once you’ve done that, prick the tips of all 10 fingers, as close to the nails as possible and as fast as possible.

If the blood doesn’t start flowing on itself, squeeze the fingers to make it start.

In that way, when the blood starts flowing, the person will regain consciousness.

If the patient’s mouth is crooked, you need to massage hes/her ears until they turn red in order ti improve the patient’s blood flow.

Then prick the soft part of the earlobe twice until two drops of blood comes out.

After several minutes, his mouth will return to normal.

Take him immediately to the ER when he regains consciousness. The doctors will take care for the patient’s well being.

Chinese people have been using this method for centuries. According to Chinese experts, this method is 100% efficient and it can really help you to save someone`s life from a stroke.

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  1. One of the most irresponsible things I've ever read online. Clearly, the author is unaware that there are strokes from clots blocking blood flow, and there are strokes from bleeding vessels causing hemorrhage. In either case, forget the needle nonsense and get to a hospital. Time is of the essence.


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