The idea of a false flag in this country has been carefully deconstructed and reassembled into something out of a science fiction novel; something that is perceived to be so unbelievable that those confronted with evidence to the contrary literally choose to ignore its presence by categorizing it as “conspiracy theory.” This ensures that those still beguiled by the mainstream masquerade will quickly discount any verifiable documentation that suggests an event was somehow manipulated, controlled or manufactured, regardless of inconsistencies, revealing facts, and historical precedent. This is a perfect example of what’s referred to as cognitive dissonance, as those under the establishment spell are so deeply committed and invested in the mainstream narrative that they will completely disregard what should be compelling evidence of a crime, or at the very least, reveal that lies are being told to the American people.

A false flag is a concept entirely based in reality, and is documented in US history. That documentation is undisputed, regardless of how suppressed and concealed it might be from the average American.

As the Internet grew to connect the majority of humanity, as did the awareness of the people to many malicious and sinister truths that were only reinforced by further investigation. With the rise of alternative media, and open source investigation, it has become somewhat of a routine for independent journalists to begin breaking down and dissecting any major event (most commonly tragedies) that could be used surreptitiously by the powers that be to further political or personal agendas.

Despite the troves of legitimate information and obvious half-truths uncovered by lone journalists, many choose to scoff and intently avoid considering their validity. This is not to say that there are lies and cover-ups within every tragedy or major event, yet as more of this nation’s history is relearned, it continues to reveal how that’s not too far from the truth.

Regardless of whether those in power actually cause an event, or simply become aware of an attack and allow it to take place, any such event that can collectively and simultaneously catch the public’s attention, while manipulating their emotions, will be used to further specific agendas. It takes a certain malfeasant trait to be able to consciously plan or allow any such action to take place, even for those with the misguided belief that it was done out of some lofty idea of the greater good. This personality is currently the primary requisite for any budding politician in the US and it’s exactly what’s taking place in America’s elitist playground.

What is now being exposed within the Orlando shooting is shockingly undeniable. Whether one deems the shooting a false flag, a terrorist attack, or just the act of a disgruntled closet homosexual, there can be nothing gained by prematurely disregarding the many standout inconsistencies within the mainstream narrative. The video below by Truthstream Media shows quite clearly that the American people are being misled.


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