How to Remove Negative Energy from Your Home!

The place where you should feel the most protected and sheltered, is called home. However, when your home bristle with negative energy then it has an actual effect on your emotions and your health.

This energy is not visible for the eye, but it surly is felt as the energy of your home which tells upon your inner emotional state.

This negative energy can debase your value, break your confidence, hinder your dreams, curtail your imagination, and dabble your abilities.

Negative energy has also an impact on the family relationships. It can contribute to conflicts within family members. Living in situations like those, will cause anxiety and stress. Albeit energies will always exits, the point is in limiting the negative energy so the positive energy can predominate and you could be happier.

Removing negative energy can be done in many ways, which will take a lot of time to restore the balance and harmony in your life, same as to other family members.

We present you top 10 ways to clean the negative energy from your home:


When you go in a tidy room you feel good, reversed when you go in a dirty and messy room. This is happening because all this mess attracts negativity.

Each time you clean, you remove negative energy. This is one of the reasons you should keep clean your home or working space in order to keep the negative energy away.

  • Routinely vacuum every single room of your home, including the bathroom and kitchen
  • Keep clean every door, doorknobs and windows.
  • Every time before you go to sleep check if all your dishes are washed and your kitchen is clean
  • Keep your things well organized and in their place
  • Throw away things you don’t need anymore.
  • Expel all the toxic things from your home
  • Don’t put laundry everywhere, keep it only in laundry hamper


This is one of the oldest ways to put the negative energy away. This ancient tradition is too popular among Native Americans.

For this job, the most proper herb is sage. When the sage is burned it discharges negative ions in the air which neutralizes the positive ones.

Negative ions also improve your sense of welfare and mental clarity. More, the aroma of sage is balm and it relaxes.

Sage sticks are available in the market. You can make them in your home too. All you should do is taking sage sprigs and dry them out in the sun.

When they’re dry tightly bind them with a string or twine. And your homemade sage stick is ready to use.

  • Before to start the process you must open all your windows and doors and clean the whole house.
  • In order to smudge, light a rolled stick of sage placed in a fireproof container so you can catch ash and ambers.
  • Fan the sage softly with a feather or your hand
  • Start with cleaning yourself, by fanning the smoke from your feet to your head
  • Then walk through your home, keeping the left side and concentrating on the walls, corners and the floor
  • Say positive things in order to promote positivity.
  • In the end, take it out of your home and let it burn off

Besides sage, cedar, lavender, pine as well as other sweet smelling herbs and plants can be used for this purpose.

3.Furniture rearranging

Negative energy needs something to hang on to, so rearranging your furniture from time to time is not a bad idea. By rearranging the position of the furniture, will be well enough.

Move the furniture a little bit monthly. At the same time give significance to open space and your comfort as well.

You shouldn’t stop with this until you find your living place full of life. Anything that makes you feel bad, means you should keep rearranging. You can ask for advice you closest.

Keeping broken décor items or the one you no longer need is a bad idea. Cast of the broken ones or donate the ones you need no longer.

4.Sun light and fresh air

The combination of sun light and fresh air is completely right. This strong energy produces by the nature is always welcomed.

When you let the sunlight and fresh air into your home, you also let the positivity they bring with themselves.

In the early mornings open your windows and doors in order to let the positive energy in and throw out the negative.

You can do it with yourself too. Stand by a window in the morning hours and expose your body to the sunlight and fresh air. This can help you with producing vitamin D which is good for general health. The sun lights can even relive you from stress and depression.

Exposing yourself and your home won’t be enough. You should do the same with your laundry and your plants from time to time.

5.Sea Salt

Sea salt is other good option to expel negativity from you and your home as well. It is considered that sea salt generates negative ions in the air hence creates positive vibes.

  • Put a few tablespoons of sea salt in a cup of warm water blend until it unites. Put this solution in a spray bottle. Spray this solution in your home.
  • Spatter sea salt over the entire room, particularly in the northeast and southwest corners. Leave it overnight and then vacuum the salt.
  • In order to refine your body put one cup of sea salt in your bathtub previously filled with warm water. Soak your body for like 15-20 minutes.

6.Loud clapping

The sound made by loud clapping, helps breaking the bad energy. As a matter of fact, these loud sounds are good cleansing method for the home.

Talking about loud sounds, Mother Nature has its way of doing this by thunderstorms. Same does the fireworks or church bells.

Walk across your home and clap with your hands, particularly in corners, on shelves or under the stairs to obstruct negativity. Avoid heavy and slow clapping as it expresses the negativity.

Additionally, you can also use bells, chimes, drums or Tibetan bowls to break the bad energy.

7.Essential oils

One more way to clean your home or working space from negative energy, is with essential oils. They have strong smell which will vanish the negative energy while refreshing your home and bringing positive energy.

Something else they possess is medical benefits. Their antibacterial and antiviral goods will make your home naturally healthier.

In order to refuse negativity and bring positivity in your home, you can use various kinds od essential oils, like: lemon, sweet orange, lavender, sage, peppermint and rose.

  • Fill a bottle with spring water. If you don’t have any, then use normal tap water.
  • Mix it with 15 to 30 drops of essential oil by your choice
  • Spray the solution in your home, particularly in the corners, windows and doors
  • Do it one time in a week, or whenever you feel the need to do it.

8.Living plants

As previously said, when it comes to break the negativity, Mother Nature has given you ways od doing it. There are many alluring herbs and plants that are very useful at deflecting negative energy.

Living plants also add beauty and greenness to your home. Providing oxygen is yet another benefit. These are some of living plant you could have in your home: lucky bamboo, money plant, sage, holy basil, aloe vera, peace lily, rosemary and jasmine.

Formerly, make sure that you will have enough time to maintain the living plants, before you take them in your home. A must-do- thing is getting rid of dead, dried and dying parts of the plant. If by the chance your plant dies, remove it fast.


We can tell you about several crystals and stones that can help with breaking the negative energy.

Crystals discharge a higher vibrations which can help with removing and keeping the negative energy away from you and your home. Though, it can fights with negative emotions and thoughts around us.

Black tourmaline is one of the best choices. The entrance will be the best place for it, because in that way it will prevent the negativity to enter in your home. There’s another option, to place it in the center of your home in order to put the negative energy outward.

There are other good crystals for this job, such as: rose quartz, smoky quartz, hematite, jet, black onyx, amethyst, black obsidian and apache tear.

You can help them work properly by cleaning them once in a week. Put them in a filtered water and dry them in the sun for at least four hours.


The spice saffron can be helpful with cleansing your living space. In agreement to Tibetan tradition, evil energies do not endure strong smell of saffron, thus it helps with breaking the bad energy.

Put the fresh aroma of saffron in your home in order to get rid of the negativity. Sprinkle some saffron at the entrance as the sun sets.

This means inviting the positivity as sunset is the time when day and night are connecting. Its bright color has also role in making positive vibes.

You can mix saffron with water and sprinkle it around your home.

Additional tips:

  • Walk in your room and say a prayer or a mantra in order to let the positivity to stay at your home. You can play a recorded tape twice a day.
  • Natural smell of flowers can also get rid of the negativity. Put fresh flowers in a bowls and place them around the house
  • You can light up scented candles, incense or fireplace if you have. Fire is a capable item against the negativity
  • Lemon or orange peels are welcomed. When they are burned, they release a pleasant and inspiriting smell
  • Meditation can help you as well. With meditation you actually receive positive vibes, but not only you but your home too. Meditate in your home every day.

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