The Extraordinary Crystal People On Earth

The crystal people started appearing in the 1990’s. These extraordinary children have taken on telepathic and psychic abilities to even greater levels. Other key traits of these children are spontaneous unconditional love and psychic healing abilities.

The crystal people were also here during 70’s and 80’s as scouts to see if this world was ready these children. Humanity had to be ready to change. So they are here now.

Crystal People Abilities

The crystal people are known to have crystal energy, they are reflective in such way to send the energy back the way it came from but in much stronger vibration. These children and adults are not made from crystal as the name may imply, but rather they have that energy about them.

Could I be a Crystal Person?

You may be a crystal person if you connect to Earth’s crystal energy in an intimate way. Perhaps you are someone who loves crystals, you cherish them. Later on your life you are still drawn to crystals, as if you had a deeper connection and they understand you than a human can. You are definitely not crazy for feeling this; just you’re a crystal person.

Symptoms Of The Crystal People

Listed below are some of the known crystal people symptoms. You could have some of them or even have all of them…

Crystal People Are Very Sensitive

Crystal people are more sensitive than their relatives the indigo’s. Crystal’s are rather very empathic, they take in everything, feel and sense everything around them. They also take in what they need. Another way crystal people deal with people is that they see the human flaws and ignore them unless they feel threatened or bothered by them.

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Chemicals and perfumes can very harmful to them.

Crystal People have a deeper connection with Crystal.

If you are a crystal child then you are drawn to crystals, rocks, gemstones, even at a young age.

Crystal People Are Healers

Crystal people love to heal with crystals like quartz. They have an ability to sense which crystal to use to heal a person. Studying gems and crystals and even rocks is a great passion and hobby for them.

As adults they may come across as nerds who posses knowledge and not fitting into the social standard. Sometimes as children they are seen as autistic, they are quiet and may have delayed speech.

Are you a crystal child? Do you feel a connection to Earth’s crystal energy and don’t seem to fit in our society. Great you are a crystal person/child.

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