This Exercise Breaks the Psychological Limits Society Puts on Us (Try It)

Elliott Hulse is an online sensation who has racked up over 250 million views on YouTube. His videos feature him speaking on a wide array of topics from how to deadlift correctly to finding your life path. His popular video monologues have made him somewhat of a guru to many people that are looking to the internet for answers, and he humbly accepts this position while letting his followers know that he doesn’t have all the answers.

I interviewed Elliott for our podcast, The G and Coletti Show (link below), and I was fascinated by his daily practise of what he called Bioenergetics. This practise is based on the premise that the movement of our bodies has been rigidified by society.

We are told from a young age when and when not to speak, sit, and move. Our school system is largely based on protocol and structure and does not encourage free thinking. A young person restricts their natural impulses because they fear the consequences. He tells me that this lack of movement leaches into our psyche and deeply affects how we think and feel.

What is Bioenergetics?

Elliott created a routine consisting of 9 movements, inspired by years of being an athlete, personal trainer, and coach. He talks about how to do it in the video below. He was inspired by Osho’s Dynamic Meditation and Alexander Lowen’s Energetic Exercises, as well as several other dynamic flexibility and mobility routines. The most interesting and profound of the 9 exercises are the “Shake and Vibrate” and the “The Warrior Pound.” These movements have an emphasis on physical pattern disruption and old age pre-battle techniques.

Shake and Vibrate

One of the most fun and freeing movements in this routine is the “Shake and Vibrate” exercise. This is where you move in an erratic, unpatterned, unconventional way, somewhat like dancing but without any limitations, rhythm, or flow. The mind and body operate in sync and if your body is moving in a rigid, patterned way, the mind will follow suit. According to Elliot, when you break these patterns and move without restriction, you open your mind up and increase creativity and spontaneity.

This sounds simple enough but let me warn you, it is awkward and embarrassing, especially if done in public. He recommends doing the shake and vibrate before you work out. The obvious benefits are that you don’t need a stimulant such as caffeine or pre-workout shakes; however, it takes some guts to do this at the squat rack. As Elliot says “be a BOSS” and don’t worry about what people think of you.

The Warrior Pound

The Warrior Pound is the last exercise in this routine. This movement is similar to something that the Native Americans used to perform as a pre-battle ritual. You lift your arms over your head, hop up, and land stiffly with your feet landing flat on the ground. This should create a firm thump as you hit the ground and you are to let out a “hoo” sound every time you land. This exercise is to ground you before you continue your day.

Elliott’s Challenge to Increase Creativity and Spontaneity

Elliott challenges everyone to try this routine every day for 21 days, and he is confident that you will notice dramatic changes in your life! The great thing about this routine is that it is free and can be done anywhere. So what do you have to lose?

We had a very interesting podcast with Elliot and we know that his techniques can change lives for the better. Hear Elliott eloquently explain these techniques and their benefits in the podcast below.

Listen To The Podcast

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