A Taste of Paradise

By freefall
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In his recent film, “Where to Invade Next,” Michael Moore and crew visited various countries in Europe, Africa, and even an area in Iran in order to better understand their way of life. Because I’m more interested in the people than the countries, I’ll not bother with trying to remember their names.

One thing that was strikingly revealed in contrast is that, compared to many other places in the world, most people in America have completely lost their humanity. This has to do with the self-imposed prison that has been built around them by their own resources. The entire system Americans now serve can only bring out the worst in people as this is what it has been designed to do.

Examples of the way of life for those in other countries compared to America include shorter work weeks, much more vacation time, free education (some including college), free healthcare, two-week honeymoons and 5-month maternity leaves, all of which are paid for by the government or employer. It reveals that when a country is not constantly at war or paying off banker debts, they can actually use their money for building up their own infrastructure while making the most of their lives.

Unlike this hell-hole known as America, the movie revealed a completely different spirit than here, such as CEO’s caring about their employees and treating them with respect. As a matter of fact, there are some places in which half of the board of directors were current employees of the company.

Those doing the job have the know-how regarding the everyday workings of the business that no one else does. These employees’ minds were not neglected and told by the higher ups what to do; they worked in collaboration. Therefore, even with all the time off and less working hours, most of these countries productivity is on par with America. The same goes with their level of taxation.

The educational system was another stark reminder of just how far down the tubes America has descended. The kids from these countries are not just taught how to take a test. They are given a variety of studies to choose from, including art and music at an early age. They are actually encouraged to think for themselves and discover their own purpose in life. Oh, and they don’t have homework.

Their school lunches are three-course meals. They learn to savor the taste of good, healthy food instead of having twenty minutes to shove GMO slop down their throats before being herded to the next class by the ring of a bell. It must be much more difficult to create a pig when treated with such respect.

One cook in another country was shown pictures of everyday school meals sent by students here in America. After looking at the pictures, he stated that what these kids were being fed was not food.

There were police departments that no longer arrested drug users as it is not a crime. Drug use in these countries are much lower than in the U.S. Could it be that living in a truly free society is less conducive to chemical escapism? Also, you get to see what happens when prisoners are treated with dignity. When there’s nothing to push back against but kindness this greatly discourages violence.

One part that Michael brought up really struck home. In these places where people are living in harmony with one another, women are held at the same level as men—there was absolutely no difference. This wasn’t just about being a law. It was about a basic understanding of this simple truth rooted in their upbringing.

Because of this, women there in positions of authority did not behave like tyrannical men but were not afraid to reveal their natural compassion and empathy for others. There is a balance of the divine masculine/feminine in these countries unlike anything seen here.

The sad truth is that this country has become a para-militarized minefield where we must now watch wherever we step. It marches blindly towards oblivion bowing to a depraved god that can only be found through self-immolation. There is no chasm wide enough to reveal the difference between the spiritual development of those represented in these other countries compared to America.

That’s not to say that these other countries don’t have their problems. While some aspects of their lives are good, I’m sure we’re not told the entire story, as Michael’s previous films were not above embellishment to suit his narrative. A centralized government has always led to oppression sooner or later. And I no longer give credence to “authority” of any kind. But these countries appear to possess a heart-center that is now all but dead in this country.

The irony is that many interviewed from these other countries stated that what they had learned and acted upon regarding their fight for freedom came from America. And yes, they had to stand against government oppression to get to where they are now.

As for Michael Moore, whatever his personal agenda, he offered a taste of paradise for someone who yearns for a better way of life. Even if it was based upon half-truths, the environment manifested by these people was much brighter than here.

There’s one thing I know for sure: I would much rather deal with economic collapse in a country where people actually cared about one another rather than one in which most treat each other according to what they think they can get from them. When times get really bad, the behavior of these people are pretty much guaranteed to get even worse.

I highly recommend watching this flick if you get the chance, as vision of a better way of life must come prior to making it a reality.
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