Illuminati, Jesuits, Obama & Government Connections

Illuminati connections to the government through the Jesuits, and the long standing ties from George Washington and the founding fathers all the way to Obama that links the US empire to the vatican is revealed by Johnny Cirucci. 

How Guy Fawkes isn’t who you think he is, the Bin Laden lies around 9/11 and his death, and the secret society that really runs the show is explored in this uncensored Buzzsaw interview, hosted by Sean Stone.

Johnny Cirucci is the author of ILLUMINATI UNMASKED. Johnny’s columns have been featured on Before It’s News, Raiders News Update, the Government Rag, the SHTF Journal and the Save America Foundation.

00:01 Welcoming Jonathan Cirucci to Buzzsaw.
00:45 Motivation to explore the illuminati.
04:05 Bin Laden and suspicions of the absurd conspiracy.
07:00 The global empire, jesuit influence, and President Obama.
14:15 Exploring the intercession and training of the Jesuits: “Owning the CIA.”
21:53 The Illuminati and Jesuit connection.
25:15 George Washington & Guy Fawkes Jesuit connections.
28:51 The enemy within, LSD & CIA experiments, and Oliver North in the 1980s.
32:10 The New World, the Pope, and true masters of the empire.
36:24 Thanks and goodbye.

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