The Deliberate Assault On Our Children’s Health

It begins just hours after their arrival into the world, often just minutes. As soon as our children are born they are whisked away to have chemicals and toxins injected into their young, fragile, and still developing bodies. No doubt the medical professionals responsible for this toxic assault believe they are acting in the best interests of the newborn, and for the benefit of its health. But in reality they are starting a process that will slowly but surely devastate the newborns immune system, and make it susceptible to all manner of illnesses and diseases throughout its lifetime.

One only has to look around them to realise that our children are suffering from a myriad of health problems that just a few years ago were virtually unheard of. Autoimmune diseases, allergies, asthma, leukaemia, tumours, seizures, diabetes, cancers, allergies, neurological problems, autism, ADD, ADHD, SIDS, speech impairment, bipolar diseases, etc. etc., the list just goes on, and on, and on.

Anyone over the age of 50 just has to look back to their own youth to realise that the epidemic of childhood diseases inflicting many children today were unprecedented when we were kids.

So what has changed?

What has changed is the noxious assault upon our babies, starting at birth, continuing through their toddler years, into their teens, and not culminating even in adulthood, where the toxic attack on our bodies (for those who allow it to continue) persists into old age. And the source of this often deadly onslaught? Vaccines!

When I was a child, and no doubt most others in my age group, I remember receiving just two vaccines. The first when I was about 6 years old was for TB. The second was a tetanus jab when I stepped on a rusty nail. When I was a child I caught measles, mumps, chicken pox, and other childhood ailments. I, like millions of others who caught these diseases, had a short spell of discomfort and convalescence, then made a complete recovery, and were then immune for life.

Today however, within minutes of birth, a newborn is whisked away from it’s mother and assaulted with a barrage of toxic chemicals contained within a vial of vaccine.

As my daughter is expecting her first baby within a few days I decided to investigate the multitude of vaccines now routinely given to babies and children. Where I live the vaccine schedule is nowhere near as deadly as places like America, but nonetheless still amounts to a total of 14 different vaccines administered in 37 doses from birth to 12 years old.

Within just a few hours of birth, a newborn, whose immune system has not even begun to properly function, is scheduled to receive two injections. A baby’s immune system is not fully developed until he/she is about six months-old. In the meantime, pregnant mothers pass immunoglobulin antibodies from their bloodstream, through the placenta, and to the foetus. This provides the baby with some protection from infection until its own immune system begins to function fully at about 6 months of age. Additionally, breastfed babies continue to receive health giving vitamins and continued immune assistance from their mothers milk.

It is argued by vaccine proponents that vaccines are necessary in the early stages of life to help protect the baby from certain diseases, however, if one applies a logical analysis to this argument one needs to ask themselves one very important question.

At birth it is recommended that the newborn receives a vitamin K injection because all babies are born with reduced levels of vitamin K. The medical profession call it a vitamin K deficiency.

Vitamin K helps the body to create clotting agents in the bloodstream which help the baby heal quicker in the rare event of a trauma. A paediatrician/midwife will tell you that it is extremely important to have this shot as your newborn will be at extreme risk of bleeding to death if it is not given. What he/she won’t tell you is that the baby will start producing an abundance of its own vitamin K within 7 days of birth, making the shot completely unnecessary. Additionally, this extreme risk of bleeding, in reality, only affects about one in one million babies born. One therefore needs to ask another question:

If ALL babies are born with reduced levels of vitamin K then why is it considered a deficiency?

If ALL babies are born this way then it is not a deficiency but it is NORMAL. Billions of babies have been born over thousands of years with reduced levels of vitamin K, as this, for whatever reason, is what nature intended. Yet suddenly, since the advent of highly profitable vaccines, it has now become a deficiency that needs to be “fixed” with an injection. The injection though does not include natural vitamin K but rather a synthetic version produced in a lab. It contains a dose that is 20,000 times the amount of vitamin K a baby is born with, and 100 times the recommended daily intake of an adult. But it’s what the pharmaceutical companies recommend, so it’s got to be OK, right?

My leafy greens don’t come with a “could cause death” black-box warning, do yours? No, because the “vitamin K” a baby gets through a biologically un-natural intramuscular injection is not the same vitamin K a person gets when they chomp down on a leaf, and it’s not the same form of vitamin K found in breast milk. Synthetic vitamins and vitamins in their natural state are not the same, nor are they processed by the body the same way.

What a paediatrician will not tell a parent about is the toxic ingredients inherent in this shot. Neither will he/she mention the serious side effects reported after administering of this injection. This is not because they are intentionally trying to mislead, but rather because 99% of them have never read a package insert where these damaging chemicals and adverse effects are listed.

Ingredients include: Phytondione 2 or 10mgs, polyoxyethylated fatty acid 70mgs, dextrose, benzyl alcohol, water, hydrochloric acid, and aluminium.

Aluminium is a known neurotoxin that accumulates in the brain and has been associated with neural degeneration and Alzheimers disease in later life. Benzyl Alcohol as a preservative has been associated with toxicity in newborns.

Known adverse effects include severe reactions, including fatalities following intramuscular administration. Typically these severe reactions have resembled hypersensitivity or anaphylaxis, including shock and cardiac and/or respiratory arrest. Additionally, at least 2 British medical journals have confirmed that vitamin K injections significantly increase the chances of a baby eventually succumbing to childhood leukaemia.

Whilst adverse events are rare, the chances of injury as a result of a newborn having a reduced level of vitamin K, a condition that babies have been born with since the dawn of time, are even rarer. Think about it, it makes perfect sense to inject every single baby with something that could harm them to protect them from something that occurs so rarely we don’t even keep stats on it!

Following this medical quackery assault on a newborn barely out of the womb, a second even more questionable and ever more noxious attack takes place.

Recommended to be administered within 12 hours of birth, and then boosted with follow up jabs at 2, 4, and 6 months, is a vaccine that supposedly protects the newborn from the deadly sexually transmitted disease of Hepatitis B.

Yes you read that correctly. Hepatitis B is primarily a blood/body fluid-transmitted disease associated with risky lifestyle choices, such as unprotected sex with multiple partners and intravenous drug use involving sharing needles. It is NOT primarily a children’s disease unless that is, you intend getting your newborn involved in wild sex orgies, or pumping it full of heroin with a dirty needle!

The only way a newborn can be infected is if the mother was a carrier or infected whilst pregnant, a situation that would manifest itself through blood tests during pregnancy, or if a blood transfusion of infected blood is given – both highly unlikely circumstances.

This is one vaccine that even vaccine supporters should be questioning from a common sense perspective. Unfortunately, common sense is a commodity that is sadly lacking in the majority of pro vaccine fanatics.

So just how widespread and dangerous is this horrific disease that warrants every new mother subjecting their newborn infants to an injection of a highly venomous concoction of toxic chemicals.

Well actually, it’s not that prevalent or dangerous at all. Whilst exact figures are not available, it is calculated that between 1 and 5 individuals per 1,000 population (in the US and Europe) are infected or carriers of the disease. Babies and young children are a very small percentage of this figure with less than 1 percent of all reported hepatitis B cases being in children under age 15.

Let that sink in for a while before submitting your newborn to the barrage of toxic adjuvants and preservatives contained in the Hep B vaccine.

Your newborn has a less than 1 in 100,000 chance of becoming infected with hepatitis B!

But surely if there is a possibility, however small, that our children can succumb to hepatitis B, then we should protect our newborns from this terrible, deadly affliction. Well yes, that would be true, IF it were a deadly disease. In reality the symptoms of the hepatitis B disease are extremely mild in most cases. They include fatigue, nausea, vomiting, low grade fever, pain and swelling in joints, and headache. All are minor symptoms similar to a cold or flu.

Of those infected, 95% make a full recovery and have life long immunity. There is a very low fatality rate of 0.1% (or one in every one thousand) of those infected.

Let’s do the maths, it might help put things into perspective. A newborn has a 1 in 100,000 chance of contracting the disease, and a 1 in 1,000 chance of dying from it if infected, so in reality there is a ONE in ONE HUNDRED MILLION chance that your newborn baby will die from this disease. Now compare that to the 1,500 Hepatitis B vaccine related deaths and 60,000 adverse reactions already reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). It has been admitted by the FDA and CDC that only 10% of adverse effects are reported, also many deaths are misreported as SIDS, therefore, in reality, as many as 15,000 deaths may have occurred as a direct result of injecting the hepatitis B vaccine into babies.

In recent studies only 54 cases of the Hep B disease were reported to the CDC in the 0-1 age group. There were 3.9 million births that year, so the observed incidence of hepatitis B in the 0-1 age group was just 0.001%. In the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) however, there were 1,080 total reports of adverse reactions to the hepatitis B vaccine in the same year in the 0-1 age group, with 47 deaths also reported.

Yes – the medical profession, these so called experts in whom parents put their trust, will coerce those parents of newborn infants to vaccinate against a benign illness. An illness that, in the remote possibility is contracted, is highly unlikely to cause any kind of permanent harm. They promote a deadly cocktail of toxic chemicals that are known to kill and seriously injure. Makes perfect sense doesn’t it?

I keep harping on about the toxic ingredients in this vaccine, but what exactly are they? All versions of this vaccine include; Aluminium Hydroxyphosphate Sulphate, Amino Acids, Dextrose, Formaldehyde or Formalin (otherwise known as embalming fluid), Mineral Salts, Potassium Aluminium Sulphate, Soy Peptone, Yeast Protein.

There are 2 doses of the neurologically harmful toxin aluminium in this shot which doubles the chance of neurological disorders and autoimmune diseases developing. Formaldehyde is also a recognised and documented carcinogen (cancer causing agent).

Yet the medical profession, including the Centres for Disease Control (CDC), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and the World Health Organisation (WHO), who incidentally have never conducted any tests on the safety of vaccinating newborns, consider it safe to inject this poisonous brew into the immature and underdeveloped body of a newborn infant. Or perhaps they don’t really care about safety. Most of the officials of these organisations have financial ties to all of the major pharmaceutical companies. It appears that making a buck becomes the primary motive for peddling the vaccines. Safety and efficacy are the least of their concerns.

Some of the adverse effects reported following the injection of this vaccine, and listed on the insert, include; Multiple sclerosis (MS). According to a study in the United Kingdom, hepatitis B vaccines may increase risks for developing multiple sclerosis (MS) by a factor of three.

Guillain-Barre syndrome.

Bell’s Palsy.


Rheumatoid arthritis.


Idiopathic. Thrombocytopenia purpura.

Convulsions, and brain disorders such as encephalitis (brain swelling) and brain demyelisation.

Immune dysfunction.

Visual and hearing impairments, including optic neuritis.



If you still think it is safe to pump this shite into a newborn baby, consider the following:

A manufacturer’s representative was asked in a 1997 Illinois Board of Health hearing to show evidence that the hepatitis B vaccine is safe for a 1-day old infant. The representative stated: “We have none. Our studies were done on 5- and 10-year-olds.”

Yes you read that correctly. No studies have ever been conducted on the safety of vaccinating a one-day old infant!

I don’t blame the parents for exposing their newborns to the risks of these side effects, as most are completely unaware of them. I don’t really blame the doctors, midwives, and paediatricians either, as they are equally unaware, and are just routinely following the guidelines indoctrinated into them at medical college. When one does a little digging though, it becomes apparent why these extremely risky procedures are promoted so vigorously by medical schools – nearly all of these medical teaching institutions are heavily funded by the pharmaceutical industry.

What a great business plan though. The pharmaceutical industry programmes the minds of young impressionable medical students that all vaccines are safe and effective, (anyone who has read a vaccine package insert will know that is definitely not the case). These medical students who never question this training, then progress in whatever field they choose, content in the belief that all vaccines and for the overall benefit of mankind, whilst being continuously indoctrinated by pharmaceutical reps pushing ever more ludicrous vaccines and drugs. They never bother to even take a couple of minutes to read a vaccine package insert.

Studies have been conducted that prove without a doubt that unvaccinated children are far healthier that their vaccinated peers. The rates of autism in vaccinated children has skyrocketed as more and more vaccines have been introduced. So much so that it is now being estimated that within ten years one in every two children in America (where they have the highest vaccination schedule in the world) will be autistic.

There is now an epidemic of autoimmune and neurological disorders inflicting vaccinated kids, along with increased rates of many other diseases including cancer.

This isn’t by accident however, it is by design. Pharmaceutical companies make billions from vaccines, and whenever that income is threatened by informed parents choosing not to vaccinate, they get ever more aggressive in their strategy, including bribing elected officials to make vaccines mandatory, as has recently happened in California.

Pharmaceutical companies also do not promote these vaccines because they want to make us healthy. They do not want us healthy because that would be bad for business. Would a car manufacturer sell a car that will never break down, knowing that it could put them out of business? Of course not, and big pharma are no different.

They want us ill for life so that they have a constant torrent of unsuspecting customers. They know that vaccines create more illness than they protect against but still aggressively market and promote these lethal concoctions safe in the knowledge that they are continuously building a never ending customer base.

This abuse of our bodies starts at just a few minutes of age and continues unabated through our infant and toddler years, pre-teens, onto teenage and then adulthood. They know there will be many deaths along the way, but that is just “collateral damage”. That is something they are willing to accept in order to appease their god – profit!

Above I have covered just two of the myriad of vaccines now routinely injected into our children throughout their lives. The rest are equally (if not more) dangerous, equally unnecessary, and equally ineffective. If I were to write about all of the dangers of all of them, this article would be 50 pages long.

As a soon-to-be grandparent I have urged my daughter to not just accept the word of her health practitioner but to investigate for herself the inherent dangers of ALL vaccines. Likewise, I urge all parents out there to investigate for themselves before allowing their children to be further assaulted in the name of profit.

There are many medical practitioners out there (some of which are illustrated in this article) that have taken the time to carry out proper research into vaccine safety and efficacy, and are now realising that vaccines are nothing more than a money making scam for big pharma.

I sincerely hope that readers of this article listen to them…..

For those wishing to find out more the following is an excellent documentary about vaccine safety and efficacy.

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